budget easter bonnet ideaI feel making an Easter bonnet is a rite of passage for new parents. It’s one I had looked forward to since James started nursery. I’ll show you my creation but I’ve also included some other Easter bonnet ideas in case you’re looking for some inspiration.

I’d had a look around on Pinterest searching for Easter bonnet ideas and spotted a brilliant one with dinosaurs on. Here’s my attempt at re-creating it!

easter bonnet ideasI bought a hat from Primark for £2 and found some old ribbon for the neck tie (otherwise it wouldn’t be staying on). I picked up the decorations from The Range. The leaves are from the pet department and are meant to be for a fish tank. The dinosaur is soft rubber so won’t harm any little fingers (the bigger ones made of hard plastic were a bit sharp) and the nest and eggs were from their Easter range.

easter bonnet ideasI took part in the Co-op Food #goodegg campaign so I had a lovely basket (bought from charity shop for £1.50) filled with Co-op Easter eggs. This distracted James away from pulling off his Easter bonnet!

easter bonnet ideasI had a little chat to some other ThriftyMum’s and they’ve shared some of their Easter bonnet ideas too.

This is ThriftyMum Laura G’s creation made from a bunny mask and cotton wool balls. She used the ears on the hat and kept the rest to be worn with it. I’m sure you’ll agree its fabulous!easter bonnet ideasThriftyMum Sabrina L’s son, 3 year old Dex, based his Easter bonnet idea on The Gruffulo. Sabrina used napkins for the images – such a clever and thrifty idea!easter bonnet ideaThis is ThriftyMum Kimberley R’s creation for her son. I love the googly eyes on the sheep’s face!easter bonnet ideaThriftyMum Emily C says she’s not creative at all. I have to disagree! This My Little Pony Easter bonnet idea is brilliant!easter bonnet ideaThis floral Easter bonnet is the work of ThriftyMum Amy H’s four year old. It’s so pretty!easter bonnet idea This cheeky trio belong to ThriftyMum Rachel P. She admits to helping with the purple bonnet but the other two made their own. A full family effort! You should all be so proud!easter bonnet ideaAnd finally, these two hats were made by the daughters of ThriftyMum Vickie T. Isla aged 4 made the one on the left and Pippa who is 2.5yrs made the one on the right. Such clever girls!easter bonnet idea

A brilliant effort from so many busy mums and their kids! If you’ve made a bonnet you’re proud of, make sure you leave a pic for me to see on my Facebook page too.

Hollie x



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