feb and march #maternitymillionaireIn my post on Financial Goals for 2017, I have set myself a target of making more money on maternity leave than my normal income and plan to track it using the hashtag of #maternitymillionaire.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I want to use my time off on maternity leave as it was intended. I want to care for and bond with my little one. I also want to use this opportunity to demonstrate that no-one has to go without just because their income has lowered to that of maternity pay.

January was my first month on this mission and was a success. You can read about it here.

February was another story.

We welcomed Ted into our lives late January and so NotSoThriftyDad took his full two weeks paternity leave.

Transitioning to two kids was a real game changer! Nothing about the baby comes as a shock the second time around. You don’t have to Google “is this normal” every five minutes. However you don’t get to sit back and bask in your knowledge from experience. Instead you spend your day guarding the baby’s head. This is mostly from being whacked by the various Ikea kitchen utensils being waved about by your toddler.

This had a huge impact on my extra income. I had to make the decision that at this early stage in adjusting to being a family of four, I needed to give my full focus to the children. However, I struggle to sit still at the best of times so we came up with a compromise. During the paternity leave Rich and I agreed to focus on mystery dining. This was only as a way to ease up the pressure of cooking at home. In fact we ate out six days in a row in that second week!

Some of the mystery dining jobs were paid and some were just reimbursed. It did mean that we didn’t have to grocery shop that week though. This saved us money and we didn’t need to cook or wash up either – bonus! If you’re interested in making extra money from mystery dining, check out these guys.

March was different…I was back in the game!

Things started off to a flying start in March. I had decided to do some matched betting again in time for the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival. On the first day I worked through the various offers published by Profit Accumulator and one was a FREE online scratchcard with a bookie. I won a £10 RISK FREE bet on some slots with the bookie and turned this into £508! That’s about the same I made on the entire CheltenhamFestival last year! With that in my pocket, I didn’t spend much more time that week on matched betting as the weather was nice so wanted to be outdoors with the boys as much as possible. If you want to learn more about matched betting you can read about it in this blog post.

#maternitymillionaire big scratch card win five fabulously frugal things

This month I began to take part in #40bagsfor40days.

This is a huge declutter and bagging up of things for charity during lent. It’s only meant to be one bag per day but I got carried away and I’m only my 70th bag already. I am a mixture of proud that we’re giving so much up and embarrassed of the excess we have in the first place. From this there were a few things of higher quality and value so I advertised them on a Facebook selling group. If you’re having a clear out of stuff during a spring clean then have a read of my post about what to do with it all once you’ve decided to get rid.

A lot of my clear out for #40bagsfor40days was stuff that had been boxed up form our old houses that ThriftyGrandpa has been keen to move out of his garage. On top of that though was the hoards of baby and maternity stuff I have been storing in my loft. As my maternity years are now over and Ted had grown out of his newborn clothing already I took part in a nearly new baby sale run by Table Tots. You can read about my experience here.

table tots sale room

We then had a reminder about why it is important to open EVERY envelope which comes through the post.

In March I wrote an article for the ‘Loose Change’ section for UK Money Bloggers. This was about my experience in claiming PPI when I found lots of unopened envelopes when I moved in with NotSoThriftyDad. You can read the article in full here. During the writing of that article I needed a photo of some unopened envelopes. That’s when I found even more dated from 2001 onwards. This was great for my photo requirement but I had to work through opening them too. Then I came across a tax return cheque from over 15 years ago! I’ve had to call HMRC to see if they will reissue it but I’m still waiting. Later that week though, we received another tax return cheque for over paying last year so I banked that straight away!

#maternitymillionaire unopened envelopes

Here’s how I did for#maternitymillionaire in Feb and March:

£50 Mystery Dining

£624 Matched Betting

£82 Facebook Selling

£65 Baby Sale

£944.49 Tax Return

£ 69.92 affiliate marketing

Total £1835.11

I’m very pleased with these last few months on my #maternitymillionaire mission. We always need to eat so the mystery dining wasn’t really much extra time taken up for me, the matched betting took a couple of hours. The Facebook selling took two minutes to list and the baby sale lasted 90 minutes. Obviously the tax return didn’t take up any time other than popping to the bank to cash it in. The affiliate marking is bits and pieces made through my blog. This passive income is something I could easily spend more time on to reap the rewards so I’m going to look into that more in April.

I’ve actually made way more that I anticipated for these first few months so I’ve decided not to set any more targets and just let the money flow. I’m truly embracing the Law of Attraction with regards to money and its really working. If this is something you’re interested in learning about, I highly recommend a book called The Secret.

If you’re looking to make extra money of have some great ideas of how to do this then leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Hollie x


*Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.