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Happy Birthday James

Happy Birthday ThriftyBaby!

A year ago this month I had the most wonderful day of my life and I’m not joking, it really was a lot more relaxing than our wedding day.

During my pregnancy with you I suffered with anxiety and got a lot of help locally from the NHS but it was when I started hypno-birthing classes that I started to feel truly relaxed and look forward to your arrival. The small classes, the clarity of what to expect and the nightly hypno-tapes made for a very chilled out mama-to-be!

You’ll have to forgive the gormless expression, messy bedroom, bad lighting and filthy mirror but this is me in labour. I was about nine hours away from meeting you! You will see my rings on my necklace, I hadn’t been able to wear them for months as I had swelled up so much but I didn’t care.

in labour pic

Daddy was a skeptic and even during the four week course I’m not sure he fully bought into it. However the proof was on the day you were born as to how effective and powerful hypnobirthing is and now he is a true convert and tells everyone about it.

I was provided with so much knowledge and confidence in my body’s ability to manage the big day that I birthed all 8lb 14oz of you without any discomfort whatsoever. It was honestly such a pleasurable and relaxing experience. I even slept between surges in the last hour before your birth!

This retention of energy made the reduced sleep in the following few days really manageable. I felt fresh and energised and physically normal. Daddy not so much!

I was given loads of support in discussing different options for during birth which meant I had a very comprehensive Birth Plan of preferences. I just felt really ready and prepared to meet you!

Our confidence grew so much that we even decided to have you at home in the dining room. Hospital admission had become kind of unnecessary to me the more I did in preparation, although Daddy drew the line at Lola being present for your arrival. I think he was worried she would want to get in the birthing pool we had booked. The pool made it feel very luxurious! I had loved the idea of a water birth but as there’s only one at our local hospital, having a home birth was my way of guaranteeing that I’d get in it!!

Daddy had a big list of jobs to do on the big day but the main thing he needed to do was lay down the ground sheet, inflate the pool and fill it with warm water for me to get in.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur for me as I was asleep for most of it but I know we had two midwives to begin with and then a shift change over about tea-time and the next two were the ones that got to see you arrive (just as the fireworks were starting outside).

water birth family pic

By my request, no-one spoke to me all day other than the odd single word instructions so I could have the occasional monitoring and this was perfect for me. I could stay in my hypnotic state in the luxury of my pool and ask Daddy to bring me drinks whenever I wanted.

And in case you’re wondering…yes I did poop in the pool and no, we forgot to buy a net so Daddy tried putting one of Lola’s poo bags over his hand to scoop it out. If I ever questioned how much your Daddy loved me, after this I knew it could only be true love!!!

As a result of the hypno-birthing, we now have you James, a very chilled out baby who loves being spoken to in a hypno type voice.

hypno-baby pic

Within a few hours of your arrival we were all snuggled up in our big bed and Daddy ordered a Domino’s pizza to celebrate your birthday. We stayed awake all night listening to you make cute squeaky noises and talking about the adventures we would take you on.

Most people can’t believe that I said this, but I woke up the next day wanting to do it all over again. I felt as fresh as a daisy thanks to the hypno-birthing and everyone commented on how I didn’t look like I’d just had a baby which was nice.

one day old james
And now you are one! How quick the time has flown. There have been moments where we thought certain phases would last forever but looking back they have been a drop in the ocean which is the life you have ahead of you. Being a chilled out baby has made our lives so much easier than we expected and that’s why we’re excited to be giving you a little brother in the New Year. Now its your birthday, I hope you enjoy seeing yourself grow up each month using the milestone cards in the little video below.
Happy Birthday JimJam,
Love Mummy x

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