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hello due date titleSo here we are, we made it to my official due date! Having never been this pregnant before (ThriftyBaby was five days early) I’ve never had to experience people coming out of the woodwork asking whether there is any sign of the baby yet?!

Trust me, I can’t wait to share our happy news…once he actually makes an appearance! So I kindly ask for everyone’s patience now I’ve passed my due date 🙂

In the mean time I can share with you my best example of baby brain…

So today I had my due date appointment with the midwife and when asked for my urine sample I had to make a very embarrassing confession. Instead of my sample pot, it turned out I’d taken along with me a small pot of posh strawberry jam instead! I must have felt it earlier in my handbag and thought I’d been really prepared for the appointment haha nope!

jam pot due date sample

There are plenty of things I will miss about pregnancy: baby kicks, thick hair, the capsule wardrobe but really won’t miss the baby brain, sleeping on puppy pads and it being a military operation to manoeuvre myself in the middle of the night should I need to rollover… heaven forbid I need to make it to the bathroom! However, all those things are worth it and we have so much to look forward to now.

So yes, hurry up little one – there’s an audience to please and a big wide world to explore. You have a big brother who wants a little buddy to go on his adventures with and a very excited mummy and daddy who can’t wait to meet you. But if you’re comfy, then crack on. I’m happy you’re still cooking away, cosy in my tummy and you don’t need to rush your way into this world for anyone.

Hollie (mummy) x

light box due date


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    • It certainly was! Although I suspect I’m not the first person to bring something completely random in to an appointment…or at least I hope not!

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