how to get an nus card without being a student title imageI really want to share with you today how to get an NUS card without being a student. This is because I use mine often and save my family so much money.

I’ve had an NUS card every year since 2001 and that is a lot of savings I have made but unbelievably this last year has been the biggest saving for me.

When breastfeeding didn’t work out with ThriftyBaby I soon realised how expensive formula feeding was and with UK laws restricting price discounts on baby formula I had to get creative quickly otherwise we were going to find ourselves going without and as you know, I love my luxuries so that was simply out of the question!

As well as couponing for formula, I discovered that you can use an NUS card on everything sold in Co-Op supermarkets. Plus, you guessed it, this includes ALL baby products. Using my NUS card on formula meant that it was consistently 10% cheaper than anywhere else – bingo! Plus I was then able to combine the saving with coupons from places like Cow & Gate and I was regularly making large savings.

So here’s how to get an NUS card without being a student…

Step 1. Sign up to a course.

They are always being advertised really cheaply on deal sites. One of the cheapest ways to do it is by signing up to an online course with Shaw Academy.

Step 2. Then apply for an NUS using eCareers.

When it asks where you study and they cost £12 and you can complete it all online including the upload of a selfie for the photo bit. In my opinion their best discounts include 40% off at Pizza Express. There’s also 25% off at cinemas (even better when used in conjunction with Meerkat Movies! Read here on how to set this up for less than £1.50.) and 10% off at Co-Op. However there are thousands of places which accept an NUS card for discount. It all depends on where you normally shop as to how much benefit you would get from it.


Hollie x

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