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James' 2nd Birthday Gift Guide

It is crazy to think how quickly these last two years have gone but James is about to have his 2nd birthday! It’s an exciting time in our house. The boys are really starting to interact with one another. This is just in time for a Christmas as a family of four (plus Lola the dog). Before we can get truly festive though, we have half of our birthdays to celebrate. That’s why I thought I would share with you a few things of what James is receiving for his birthday.

Something to want:

Regular readers will know James’ obsession with our lovely bin men. They are so patient with him and know to stop for a quick hello as he whoops and hollers at the bin lorry with its flashing lights and noisy parts. I can’t wait to see his little face when he unwraps his very own recycle truck. Sustainability is very important to me so I want him to learn about recycling from an early age and hope this will help.

James is also getting a balance bike for his birthday. We intended to get him one anyway but discovered a family member was getting rid of one. This was the most thrifty gift and again,very green as it prevented it going to landfill.

Something to need:

James has worn a sleeping bag at night since birth and definitely see it as part of his nighttime routine. So when it came to turning two and potentially taking the side off his cot now he’s a ‘big boy’, we needed something to transition him. We were thrilled to receive a Pirate Cuddle Sac from the beautiful site Ollie & Leila. Whilst not cheap, it will mean he just has the one rather than the half a dozen sleeping bags he owns so will actually cost less in the long run. I’ve found baby style sleeping bags only go up to age 4 too so I’m happy his Cuddle Sac will last much longer.

James is learning his numbers and the concept of time so he’s also in need of a clock for his bedroom. This one has numbers on that are big enough for him to recognise so will hopefully assist in teaching.

Something to wear:

Last year we got James a t-shirt with a number 1 on it for his birthday. I’m a sucker for creating new traditions so that’s why I returned to Amazon to find a 2nd birthday top for him. Of course, they’ll come in use for Ted too! He’s also getting big boy pants in preparation for potty training…

Something to read:

It goes without saying that James would receive books for his birthday and it was lovely to get more books from Miffy as he’s such a fan. You can see our review of his sensory Miffy toy here. These two are perfect for a 2nd birthday as tantrums and pushing boundaries are a daily event! He’s also spending more time away with family and will be taking up more nursery days shortly too. We love Miffy books as they’re a lovely size so nice and easy for little ones to handle by themselves which is something I strong believe in encouraging.

Did you enjoy how I categorise my gifting as WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ?

It is a great way to simplify birthdays and Christmas. It can be so easy to get caught up in buying things for the sake of it or on a whim. By buying a few quality, meaningful items, you’re more likely to get the recipient something they would like and enjoy.  It might not always save money initially, but could save money for the person receiving the gifts if its not something they’re just going to throw away or it isn’t going to last them as it is of poor quality.

If you’re inspired by James’ gift guide you can find each item below with a direct link to the online store.

2nd birthday gift guide
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