#maternitymillionaire january report imageAs mentioned in my post on Financial Goals for 2017, I have set myself a target of making more money on maternity leave than my normal income and plan to track it using the hashtag of #maternitymillionaire.

I do want to use my time off on maternity leave as it was intended, to care for and bond with my little one but I also want to use this opportunity to demonstrate that no-one has to go without just because their income has lowered to that of maternity pay.

January was my first month on this mission and I’m delighted to share that it was a success (much to my relief!)

I was concerned about starting it in January as that was my due date for having Ted and I wasn’t sure how much work I would be able to do once he had arrived.

Fortunately my birthday also falls in January so the first boost to my income came in the form of notes and cheques in my birthday cards. I made a passive income from affiliate marketing, I got paid for a month of freelance financial advice I gave in December and I completed surveys on some phone apps.

I had to make an extra £250 in January.

Here’s how I did:

£100 birthday cash

£48.58 affiliate marketing

£150 freelance financial advice

£5 Apps

Total £303.58

Considering I did very little work due to our new arrival I’m very pleased with this!

Next month’s target is the same on paper so we’ll see how it goes… I’m going to start again with ebaying following a declutter as a way of starting my spring clean.

If you’re looking to make extra money of have some great ideas of how to do this then leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!


Hollie x