lipoedema consultation daySince booking my Lipoedema consultation, the reality has started to set in. Rather than be nervous about the surgery I’ve started to feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of being overwhelmed afterwards. I know that might sound strange, but anxiety is a strange being.

The Things I’ve Missed Out On

As soon as I sent the final email off to Sally, my surgeon’s secretary I started to reflect on all the things I’ve missed out on…

  • When I was 21 I worked with Camp America and spent an entire (swelteringly hot) summer in MA, USA wearing trousers.
  • I pushed away friends at uni. They had invited me on a girls holiday somewhere sunny. I couldn’t bear the thought of photos being taken of me in swimwear that I couldn’t delete.
  • My first holiday with my now husband was ruined by the chaffing of my inner thighs. I was in agony that week.
  • I’d had loved a 50’s style knee length wedding dress.
  • When I completed my PRINCE2 (project management qualification) I was advised to look into the construction industry. My first thoughts were that I’d need to be able to wear wellies on a building site, so I dismissed that immediately.
  • A relative once took a photo of me and her son and showed me the picture. She proceeded to crop my legs out of it in front of me. She said she didn’t like legs in photos…That was when our relationship started to fail. We no longer talk.
  • I made up an excuse for not wanting to go on so many outings which I knew would involve long walks. I’ve been told I’m difficult to get to know and this is partly why. I’m holding myself back because I didn’t like me, so why should anyone else?

Until now I felt like Lipoedema has been robbing me of living my life to the full. Having the consultation is just the first step in realising I wasn’t being robbed, my life was just on hold for a little while.

It Could Have Been Worse

I’m fortunate that my Lipoedema hasn’t worsened to the point of me being unable to walk yet but I’ve met the ladies in this position. I’m preventing this state and getting rid of my existing pain and discomfort. This is not cosmetic.

I’d love to have been able to kneel on the floor for longer with my son when playing. I worry that he thinks I’m always getting bored of him when I pull away to sit on the sofa. It physically hurts to crouch down to his height but emotionally hurts to pull away.

karri clinic lipoedema consultation

Consultation Day

It was no coincidence to me that consultation day was the brightest, sunniest day I’ve seen in a long time.

I parked up at Albion Mills to attend my Lipoedema consultation at the KarriClinic with Mr Karri himself. I had previous visited for the launch party a few years ago and it was nice to feel that familiarity of returning.

Sally greeted me on reception and cooed over Ted who I had taken with me. He slept through the whole thing thankfully!

Mr Karri was his usual warm self and invited me in to discuss the next steps of my journey. He took my waist and hip measurements to work out my ratio as this is a good indicator to diagnose Lipoedema. Then photos of my legs were taken and we talked through the risks of surgery.

Next Steps

We agreed on a date for surgery and that I would be having it with a general anaesthetic at Goole Hospital. This is only 20 minutes drive from my house and means that Mr Karri can be more vigorous with the treatment. He tells me there’s a sofa bed in my hospital room. Ha! I’m looking forward to the night away to be honest! Plus I’ll have a catheter so won’t even need to get out of bed to pee for ages! This is sounding like luxury to me!

55 Days

So I’m now 55 days away from my first operation. I’ve described the areas on my legs which I want to prioritise for this first op and I feel so excited about it. I do however need to lose as much weight as possible between now and then. I need to ensure that Mr Karri is only extracting the Lippy fat rather than normal fat which I can take responsibility for.

I’ve registered with Slimming World and looking into the Keto and alkaline diets which are recommended for reducing inflamation. There’s certainly going to be no Easter Eggs on my menu this year!

If you want to follow my weightloss you can see my weigh-ins over on my Instagram page and cheer me on;-)

Now read about my preparations for surgery  by clicking here.

Hollie x