phonesSo it’s time to get your kid a smartphone? This can be a smart move, but you might find that it can get very expensive. That’s if you’re not careful. We’ve got some essential advice here for parents who want to avoid high phone bills at the end of every month!

Getting cheap phones

One of the best ways to ensure that prices don’t skyrocket is to get a good contract deal from the off. However, some parents may find themselves blocked by things like bad credit, which can result in higher fees, or forcing them to get an older phone. Resources like can help you get good deals on contracts even if you do have bad credit. You need to be careful when it comes to phone choice because some phones are more flimsy than others, and some are more expensive than average to get fixed if something goes wrong.

Look into family plans

This whole scenario probably means that everyone in your home is going to be using a smartphone. With that in mind, you should consider working with a network that provides good family plans. has some comparisons of plans that you might find useful. Make sure you get something that works for you as well as your kid!

Keep the phones protected

Kids don’t have the sturdiness, grip, or sense of balance that we do. That’s partly why they’re so accident prone! This can be particularly worrying for parents who want to get their kid a smartphone, because repairs aren’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world. This is why you need to ensure that the phones are properly protected with a sturdy case. Try to get one that isn’t too heavyweight – some cases are really bulky, which is good for protection but just adds an uncomfortable amount of weight for a child!

Track data use

Data use can become very expensive if you’re not careful. One of the things kids love to do with smartphones is browse the Internet and stream videos and music (actually, doesn’t that apply to all of us?). But going over a certain data limit will mean that you’ll have to foot some pretty expensive bills. is good for parents who want to track their kid’s phone activity. When they’re at home, make sure your kids are connected to WiFi to ensure they’re not racking up bills by using mobile data via 3G or 4G.

Be careful with IAPs!

IAPs stands for in-app payments. Games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush are free. They can make for great entertainment, but the companies make money through in-app purchases of bonus items. If your credit card information is stored on the phone, there’s a chance your child might buy several bonus items. This can rack up huge bills. You may have seen this sort of thing in the news! Many people feel sorry for the parents and blame it on the app creators. However, unfortunately the fault lies 100% with the family. Don’t save payment information on your phones!