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thrifty bucket listI’m so excited for this summer but when the weekend comes around, often I can’t think of anything original to do. It gets to Sunday night and I’m full of regrets about when we should have been up to. That’s why I’ve decided to make a bucket list of thrifty activities to do this summer and places to visit.

bucket list

How to Make the Bucket

I found a really cute board in a local charity shop that had a jar attached to it. However, you could easily make one yourself and enjoy decorating it as a family. The straps for the jar are available in the plumbing section of places like B & Q. Equally, just a jar, a used and washed out tin or any small container will do.

Decide What You Want to Do

I chose to write all our bucket list activities on lollypop sticks from Amazon. They’re available to purchase here. again, you could simplify this even more and write the ideas down on individual pieces of paper or even just create a Pinterest board. We chose a mixture of free and cheap things to do, make or places to visit. Also things we might have done before and some we’re still to try. This means that it doesn’t matter whether we’re feeling flush or skint or what the weather has decided to do either!

bucket list

Bucket List Ideas

Here’s a list of what we decided to include (keeping in mind we have two under two). I’m sure you can think of lots of activities suitable for your own family but you can use these as prompts!

  1. Camping in the Garden
  2. Pasta Threading
  3. Build a Sand Castle
  4. Make a Den
  5. Visit a Farm
  6. Make a Pasta Picture
  7. Feed the Ducks
  8. Geocaching
  9. Strawberry Picking
  10. Dig for Treasure
  11. Make Mud Pies
  12. Go to the Cinema
  13. Make Fluffy Slime
  14. Visit a Friend
  15. Plant Some Flowers
  16. Have a Living Room Disco
  17. Make Ice-Cream Sundaes
  18. Do a Jigsaw
  19. Go Swimming
  20. Walk Around a Lake
  21. Walk Around a Forrest
  22. Make Moon Sand
  23. Row a Boat
  24. Visit the Beach
  25. Watch a Movie
  26. Visit the Art Gallery
  27. Make Play D’oh
  28. Bake Some Buns
  29. Blow Up Balloons
  30. Have a Garden Scavenger Hunt
  31. Footprint Painting
  32. Bark Rubbing
  33. Go Bowling
  34. Visit a Museum
  35. Visit a Zoo
  36. Have a Water Fight
  37. Visit the Library
  38. Take a Train
  39. Go to a Dog Park
  40. Have a Picnic
  41. Play in the Fountains
  42. Make Some Instruments
  43. Fly a Kite
  44. Go on a Bike Ride
  45. Make a Bug Hotel

Let me know what you’d have on your bucket list!

*Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.


4 comments on “How To Make A Thrifty Family Bucket List”

  1. Such a good idea this. You could easily adapt this for all ages, get them to throw in their own activities. You’d never hear “mum I’m bored” again!

    • Exactly – you really do need to involve the little ones (and bigger ones) in drawing up the list in order to get buy in from them!

    • That’s a brilliant list Sara! I definitely think the key to a happy family is working together on drawing up your own list but these post are perfect for inspiration 🙂

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