Money Saving Lessons from BingMoney Saving Lessons from Bing is the first post in a new series of Money Saving lessons from popular TV shows.

Money Saving Lessons from Bing on Food

Bing and his carer Flop are huge fans of homemade smoothies. These are a great way to use up past its best fruit and veg. Most big supermarkets now sell off wonky veg boxes which are ideal for making fresh smoothies at home. Smoothie making rather than juicing is also a cheap way to eat healthily as it retains all the nutritious fibres.

Money Saving Lessons from Bing on Eating Out

Flop often encourages the use of a lunch in Bing’s Hoppity Voosh lunchbox or a picnic in wheelie bag rather than paying for eating out. Even the best meal deals cost about £3. Using what you already have in the cupboards instead of buying a lunch on the go would save you over £1k a year if you were having to do that everyday! Even when it rains Flop decides on an indoor picnic instead.

Money Saving Lessons from Bing on Toys

Bing and his friend Sula sometimes visit a creche run by Sula’s carer Amma. Creche’s are a great way to socialise your child without having to commit to a full term of nursery fees. Visiting a creche is also a nice way to suss out what toys your child enjoys playing with prior to shopping for something. That’s if you then need to buy it at all! Toy libraries are a wonderful but often under used resource for families. This means you’re not committing to a purchase they may or may not play with.

Money Saving Lessons from Bing on Clothes

Bing’s cousin Charlie is no stranger to hand me downs including Bing’s “Jingly Shoes”. Little ones’ feet grow so quickly that toddler shoes barely get worn. That’s until they start dragging their feet (literally) when they have to go to school… I’ve kept all the shoes so far to be used again and the were second hand in the first place!

Money Saving Lessons from Bing on Days Out

Bing and his friends love to frequent the park. This can be to feed the ducks, fly a kite, ride skateboards, play with dogs, go swimming or perform a show on the bandstand. Parks are local and free thus saving money on transport to visit them and the cost of entrance. As well as the actual play park with swings etc. big green spaces and a stage encourage imaginative free play. A day out doesn’t need to cost anything when you explore the great outdoors.

You can catch up with Bing and his friends on BBC iPlayer.

Hollie x