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mystery shopping with the mystery dining companyThere are few things in the world that I love more than these two small words “free food”…and that’s exactly what I get with mystery dining.

Like most people, once we’ve paid our mortgage bill, the grocery expenses are next in line for where the money goes so I jump at any opportunity to gain a freebie or at the very least a discount.

Now is probably the time to mention my personal understanding of thrifty, and that is to live the lifestyle I want to live, without having to go without. Although I admire people like Hannah Hauxwell who can live without running water and no electricity. I love my home comforts! I enjoy being pampered, eating out, going to gigs, seeing live comedy and having the occasional shopping spree. The simple difference is my way of thinking.

If mention of a night-out crops up, I’m straight online checking for discount vouchers, listing places where might accept an NUS card, or where I might be able to use boosted Tesco Clubcard or Sainsbury Nectar points.

These days I also log on to my mystery shopping and dining accounts. And so my night-out with the girls becomes a mission to acquire a free-meal. A lot less effort and far more glamorous than dumpster diving behind a supermarket for some slightly out of date food to get a free meal and entirely legal too!

So when I received an email today about a mystery shopping mission this weekend at a fancy local pizza restaurant, it made my day – because free food really is the best.

If you’re interested in completing undercover missions in exchange for meals out, check out The Mystery Dining Company.


Hollie x


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  1. Great blog post, we live a pretty frugal lifestyle in order to enjoy the things we want to spend money on like family days out, I’m going to look into mystery shopping when the little ones are in school full time, enjoy your Pizza 🙂

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