mystery shopping with the mystery dining companyThere are few things in the world that I love more than these two small words “free food”…and that’s exactly what I get with mystery dining.

Like most people, once we’ve paid our mortgage bill, the grocery expenses are next in line for where the money goes so I jump at any opportunity to gain a freebie or at the very least a discount.

Now is probably the time to mention my personal understanding of thrifty, and that is to live the lifestyle I want to live, without having to go without. Although I admire people like Hannah Hauxwell who can live without running water and no electricity. I love my home comforts! I enjoy being pampered, eating out, going to gigs, seeing live comedy and having the occasional shopping spree. The simple difference is my way of thinking.

If mention of a night-out crops up, I’m straight online checking for discount vouchers, listing places where might accept an NUS card, or where I might be able to use boosted Tesco Clubcard or Sainsbury Nectar points.

These days I also log on to my mystery shopping and dining accounts. And so my night-out with the girls becomes a mission to acquire a free-meal. A lot less effort and far more glamorous than dumpster diving behind a supermarket for some slightly out of date food to get a free meal and entirely legal too!

So when I received an email today about a mystery shopping mission this weekend at a fancy local pizza restaurant, it made my day – because free food really is the best.

If you’re interested in completing undercover missions in exchange for meals out, check out The Mystery Dining Company.


Hollie x