mystery shoppingMystery shopping is one of my main extra income streams. Often these jobs only entitle you to a free meal or product. However if you’re looking to earn extra cold hard cash then Ragdoll is the one to get signed up to.

What is Ragdoll?

Ragdoll are a small research and planning agency. They look for mystery shoppers who are happy to go into high street banks “undercover” and apply for financial products such as credit cards. This means you need to be earning at least the minimum wage and be comfortable with having a credit check undertaken.

What if I’m nervous about stuff to do with credit cards?

The great news is that Ragdoll take care of cancelling all the agreements for you. They even wipe the credit check from your searches record.


Do I have to write any lengthy reports?

Thankfully no! Ragdoll provide you with all the secret squirrel equipment you need so there’s no expense to you – just your time at the appointment. You don’t need to go home and then spend hours writing down everything you can remember from the conversation!


What if I’ve never done anything like this before?

Ragdoll have a lovely, approachable team on hand who talk you through each step of the process, from booking your appointment with the bank to talking you through how to switch off the voice recorder. All the training you need is provided. However, it’s really simple anyway, you’re just going in for a chat with the bank. They will lead the conversation and you just respond.

How Long Does It Take?

You need to allow time for the appointment in the bank so around 60 mins. Getting paid £50 an hour is most peoples’ dream right?!


How do I get paid?

Ragdoll send a cheque to you on completion of your assignment.


How do I sign up?

You can express your interest by completing this short survey and someone will get in touch with you if you are eligible.



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