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I’ve been asked a lot recently (hopefully in jest) how on earth I’ve been able to shop so much and go out for lots of meals whilst on maternity leave. Of course my go to answer is because I’m thrifty in other areas in my life so I can buy good quality items or treat my family to days or meals out when I want but my secret additional answer is mystery shopping!

There are lots of mystery shopping companies and agencies out there and the quality really varies as do the kick backs. I’ve tried working for a number of them so speak from experience and that’s why I am happy to promote fairly new kids on the block – RedWigWam.

If you want to want to eat out for free that’s fine, there are plenty of places you can work for who will cater for that (excuse the pun) but RedWigWam actually pop you on their payroll and pay you a fee for your time. I’ve had lots of jobs where I’ve got £8 for ten minutes of popping into a supermarket and checking they have something on sale, taking a quick snap on my smartphone and uploading it to my RedWigWam account.

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They even pay the very next day and there’s been times where they pay a bonus for uploading the “report” before midday. Because I don’t need to sit and write a lengthy report (like I have to for some companies) I upload the pics from my phone once I’m back in my car and move on to the next job. This is a real plus as they actually allow you to book more than one job per day which some companies restrict you on. As I mentioned earlier, they also put you on their payroll so they even sort the tax issues out for you and send you time sheets.

My favourite jobs with RedWigWam have been to purchase a new product because I get to keep it and test it out at home and don’t even need to review the item, I simply get to enjoy it!

When I first started with RedWigWam I couldn’t figure out how to upload one of my pictures but I was able to go on the live chat (still just on my phone) and spoke to someone straight away who helped my out in a flash.

I’ve been really impressed so far with the mystery shopping options but that’s just the half of it. They also work as a temping agency for fixed term positions. There are some well paid council jobs in my area which are needing staff and options of part and full time work. At the moment this isn’t something I would be interested in as I love the flexibility mystery shopping offers me and most of the jobs ThriftyBaby has joined me on. I tell him they’re his James Bond adventures where he gets to go undercover! But I do love knowing that if I ever did find myself in a pickle, I’d go straight to RedWigWam to find work straight away.

Give it a go if it’s something you fancy trying and see if its for you by clicking on my link.


Hollie x


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