This month we have been doing a lot of staying indoors due the bed rest I needed after my operation and then both boys came down with chicken pox one after the other! We were missing our treat meals out though so I was excited to try out PizzaExpress at Iceland and use their delivery service too.

I went online and had a look through the full range of PizzaExpress meals at Iceland. I wasn’t expecting there to be so much choice at Iceland considering PizzaExpress are such a huge brand. I’ve only ever really bought healthy ready meals from there so it was nice to see what else was on offer. I’m a huge fan of Pizza Express anyway (you can read my post “6 Ways to Eat Pizza Express for Less”) so I had high expectations for them once they arrived.


pizzaexpress at icelandI got a really helpful delivery driver who came right on time and helped me with my bags into my home.

Why frozen?

For times like these where I find myself unexpectedly stuck at home, the contents on my freezer is my family’s lifeline! Frozen food lasts so much longer and anything that doesn’t need defrosting first is a godsend in my opinion! Frozen food also reduces the risk of finding it has gone off at the back of a cupboard or festering at the bottom of the fridge drawer. This therefore helps the environment by reducing our food waste. I think Pizza Express at Iceland will become one of our monthly treat meal staples.pizzaexpress at iceland

What did we buy?

PizzaExpress kindly provided us with a voucher to try out the Chicken Barbacoa pizza and the Carbonara. I invited my parents round for lunch and cooked us up a PizzaExpress feast.

The chicken pizza was as large as you would get in a PizzaExpress restaurant and would be more than enough on its own but also great sliced up with a side salad or sweet potato fries. The dough was thin and crispy and the the tomato base was spicy. In fact a little too spicy for James but then was only 18 months old at the point of trying it! My parents and I love it though and worked our way through two of them between the three of us with ease.pizzaexpress at iceland

James much preferred the Carbonara. This was rich, thick and creamy with lots of little chunks of pancetta amongst the pasta. He came over all dreamy and in a carb coma afterwards express at iceland

Value of PizzaExpress at Iceland

The pizzas from PizzaExpress at Iceland are only £2.50 but at the moment they’re even cheaper using the offer of 2 for £4. This is such a bargain and would make a kids pizza party really affordable.

If you want to try it out for yourself, click here to look through the full range at Iceland. The ice cream tubs are next on my to-try list!

*Disclosure – pizzas were provided by pizzaExpress in exchange for a honest and independent review. This post contains affiliate links.