preparing for Lipoedema surgeryI can’t believe tomorrow is the big day and now I’m preparing for Lipoedema surgery. It feels like only five minutes since booking the operation with Mr Karri!

The Support

I’ve been chatting to lots of other ladies who also suffer from this horrendous disease and the support has been wonderful. There are ladies who have gone through all their operations inspire me so much. Ladies who are part way through their surgery cycles and tell me there is no looking back. There is even a lady who will be having surgery on the same day as me. She is going through EXACTLY what I’m experiencing. Then there are the ladies who may never be able to afford the surgery. They have accepted their disease but continue to show support and excitement for those of us who are making this huge decision. And it is a huge decision. Surgery of any type comes with risk and of course the hospitals have to warn you of every possible outcome including the worse case scenario.

The Emotions

I’ve gone through the roller coaster of emotions preparing for Lipoedema surgery. I have made preparations in case the very worst did happen under my general anaesthetic. I’ve packed my bags so slowly because once it is done that’s it. I’m one step closer to the big day. I’ve also started to visualise what life is going to be like on the other side. That’s why there still hasn’t been any doubt in my mind that this is the right decision.

The Cost

It’s not cheap and a lot of people struggle with justifying spending so much on Lipoedema surgery. But when I think we probably spent twice as much on our wedding which was only one day, I can justify the investment I’m making in the rest of my life. All surgeons rates are different and will change with inflation and availability so this is best to discuss with them. Since my first diagnosis the price has gone up by over a thousand pounds. That’s just in two years so I’m glad to get the surgery done now before it inflates more. As well as the financial, mental and emotional stuff to deal with there is the practical things I’ve needed to do whilst preparing for Lipoedema surgery.

The Compression

First thing to do was to get measured and order my compression garments. A nightmare from start to finish! A month ahead of my surgery date I was measured by a lovely nurse at my GP clinic who prescribed me with the size I needed. There were a few brands recommended to me but I decided to go with Juzo. Although the chemist said a lead time of 3-5 days, that would have only happened if they had actually ordered them for me. Instead it took an entire month to finally get both the pairs I needed. I will wake up wearing them later tomorrow after my operation.

The Vitamins

A fortnight pre-op I had to start taking a vitamin called Bromelain which is an enzyme found in Pineapple that will help with the post operative swelling. For a few days before surgery I also have to take Arnica which will reduce the bruising. Both these can be bought from health food shops of from Amazon here for Bromelain and here for Arnica. The Arnica is in a weird tube similar to hot drink sweetener but I had to google how to get into it! Fortunately I found I’m not the only one as there was a YouTube video explaining it!!

The Packing

preparing for lipoedema surgery

These are the main things I’m packing whilst preparing for Lipoedema surgery. The letter from hospital just says to take a dressing gown and slippers but I’ve taken advice from the ladies who have already done this.

Things to pack are:

  • Dressing gown

  • Flip flops or Crocs (not slippers as they would just soak up all your leaking fluid)

  • Dark coloured comfy trousers for post-op so they don’t show the leak marks too much

  • Chocolate and biscuits for afterwards to prevent fainting

  • Toothbrush, mouthwash and chewing gum as your mouth feels awful after a general anaesthetic

  • Compression garments (choose two pairs of tights without toes so you can wear flip flops

  • Magazine to distract and pass the time

  • Existing medication you’re taking

  • Vitamins

  • Ear plugs incase the ward is noisy at night

  • Dry shampoo and feminine wipes in case standing in the shower is too difficult

  • Hibiscrub (provided by the hospital to wash in on the run up to surgery)

  • Hair tie (you have to tie it up for surgery)

  • Underwear for the next day

  • Water bottle and sports drinks to rehydrate after being under for so long

  • Dark towels

  • Phone and charger (to update everyone afterwards and arrange to be picked up the next day)

  • And my own tea bags (because I don’t drink caffeine)


If you want to read about My Lipoedema Story you can read it here. To read about my consultation day just click here.

Now read on about the actual day of surgery by reading my next post here.


See you on the other side x