dental implants treatmentEver wondered how you can save on dental implants treatment?

Tooth loss happens to almost everyone and caries (decay and crumbling) isn’t something you can always avoid. One day you are sporting an impeccable set of teeth and the next day you’re left with a gappy smile. If you have already spoken to your dentist about your reconstructive dentistry options, you probably know that you’d have to pay approx. £2,000-2,300 per single dental implant. However, you need to remember that there are ways to save money on implants. If I was considering some serious dental work for myself, I would have to think about how to reduce the costs. One way is by going abroad to places such as Hungary.

It is much cheaper to get tooth implants in Europe with companies such as Dental Implants Friends. And good saving skills are generally essential when you have children and a lot of everyday expenses. First, set your budget for your dental implants and create a savings plan. Be determined in your planning. For 2-3 months cut back on luxury shopping and this will bring you even closer to your goal.

Fixing your teeth this summer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to miss out on summer vacations! You can combine your dental visit with an affordable trip to wonderful Hungary, Croatia, Spain or Bulgaria. The weather is simply perfect there!

How to get affordable dental implants treatment


Check your options for affordable dental implants treatment abroad. You can browse dental clinics by country, cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures and so on. Check the KnowledgeBase section for Q&A on dental implants and read patients’ reviews in the clinics’ profiles.


If you don’t have time for your own research, let the dentalimplantsfriends consultants do the work for you. It’s free. Fill in the form specifying your present mouth condition and leave your details. Don’t be afraid to give your e-mail or phone number. Your personal data won’t be sold to third companies. If you are not sure which country you want to go to, select “destination is not a choice criteria for me.” Keep your mind open about your dental holiday destination. You can be surprised to find some great deals. You may also want to check the Vouchers dentalimplantsfriends offer.


After you complete the form, the consultant will e-mail you 3 best offers for your needs. The clinics will contact you to answer any additional questions you might have. Pick a clinic of your choice. You can save 60-70% on your dental work compared to the UK dental clinics.


There are ways to book cheap flights to Europe. If you decide to have affordable dental implants in Hungary, flights from London to Budapest start from £38 if you book smart and early. Also, you don’t need to spend a fortune on five star accommodation. Europe offers a wide range of affordable apartments, bed & breakfast and mini hotels.

Have a great dental holiday!

*Disclosure – This post was written in collaboration with DentalImplantsFriends.Com