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You can tell what time of year it is by all the coughs and sneezes echoing around the house and its just typical that everyone comes down with something just as the holidays have kicked in. I know how you feel and the last thing you want to do is wrap up and bundle the kids in the car just to go pick up a prescription or stock up on over the counter medication. There are tonnes of natural remedies you can make with cupboard ingredients but often they just don’t cut it. That’s why I want to introduce Chemist 4 U.

Chemist 4 UWhat is it?

Chemist 4 U is an online pharmacy so you don’t have to step out in to the cold damp air to get the help you need. They’re really perfect if you have a poorly young family. They sell all the usual high street brands at really low prices simply as they don’t have the same high cost overheads as typical chemists do.

They’re one of the largest online pharmacies in the UK and work closely with Groupon so there’s always a great deal to be made by shopping with them. You’ll often find discounts or free delivery so you can be assured you’re getting a bargain compared to buying on the high street.

chemist 4 uIf you have an actual prescription to pick up, Chemist 4 U can help with free delivery too and if you want to speak to a pharmacist, they even have that option!

Chemist 4 U asked us to try out their site.

I just can’t believe how simple the process was and I can see how useful this would be for elderly and more frail people but having a family means we always need to keep stocked up on medication so I’m delighted to discover Chemist 4 U.

They are especially good for any purchases where you might be a little embarrassed to ask for the item over the counter. In fact they have an entire section of their website dedicated to just this so if you have any of the following conditions you don’t even need to face a real person!

(Just want to clarify that this is the list taken from the Chemist 4 U site and it is not my personal belief that any of these conditions should be considered embarrassing)

As a parent it is worth mentioning that they also sell the morning after pill at a very reasonable price but of course this is only suitable for advance purchase (due to time it takes for delivery) so it could be worth having a box at home in the event of an emergency. chemist for you

However, the above is not what I purchased. The site sells a whole host of things other than medication. There’s fragrances, Christmas gifts and beauty products too.

chemist 4 u


Once you register your details, this makes purchasing so much quicker. You can view past orders, check your order status, make any changes and store multiple addresses which is great if you want to help out family members and friends with their pharmacy needs.

The ordering process was really simple. The website is very intuitive and logical to use and I received my new order confirmation straight away.

I selected regular UK shipping and this would have cost £1.99 and I received my package in a plain parcel a couple of days later. The whole process was seamless and I highly recommend this site as a way of simplifying this aspect of your life.



*Disclosure – this is a collaborative post