save money on your groceries day 2There are loads of ways to get free food and drink without too much effort and today I want to let you know about a new app called Shopmium and this time you can get free chocolate.

Cutting out coupons and ferrying them to the supermarket with you is something I’m doing less and less of these days since the increase in shopping apps for smartphones.

Shopmium is a really simple mobile phone app which you can open up prior to going shopping or whilst you’re in store and you can take a look at what offers are currently active. The you find the groceries you’re interested and purchase them as normal. Once bought, you scan the product through the app and take a picture of your receipt which it then promptly processes and you receive a rebate either by PayPal or Bank Transfer. You can even choose to donate your rebate to charity if you wish.

As this is a new app, they’re looking to get more people signed up so have an amazing opening offer where if a referral code is used then you can get a free slab of Green & Blacks milk or dark chocolate. FREE CHOCOLATE!!! Just visit the App Store or PlayStore to download the app and use referral code KMMAGUHX.

The app opens up a map of local participating shops and you just pop to whichever is convenient, buy the item and get your money back. Some items are completely free  – today I got my free posh chocolate, free Robinson’s Squash’d and a big bag of PopChips. But there’s also discounts on lots of other products.

Let me know what you think of the app!

Hollie x