ultimate christmas budget listThe main reason so many people go over drawn and into debt at Christmas is because they don’t realise just the number of things which need purchasing over the festive period. If asked how much someone spends on Christmas, it is likely they’ll just think of how much they spend on gifts. But what about haircuts? The extra food?Getting that leaky tap fixed ready for guests?

That’s why I’ve created the ULTIMATE Christmas Budget List for you.

It’s a great visual to help plan where your money is going to be spent in order to save yourself from unexpected bills in the New Year. You can tick each item off as you sort it out. Or you might wish to write an amount next to each category which you’re happy to spend. However you decide to use it, I hope it save you lots of money by bring mindful of your Christmas budget.

Click here to download your free Ultimate Christmas Budget printable.

ultimate christmas budget list

If you think there is anything else which you would add to this list, please let me know in the comments. I’ve tried to think of all the possibilities but a hive mind always makes things like this more comprehensive!

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