sell lowIt’s a very easy habit to get into, getting loads of items you have no room for and before you know it, you have an attic full of stuff you haven’t worn in years, just collecting dust. We seem to buy something because it’s a bargain, but when we actually spot a bargain, we can’t justify buying it because there’s no room for it! Sound familiar? Which is why the old fashioned spring clean comes in handy, but instead of throwing your old stuff out or giving it away, why don’t you make some money off it? After all, you spent a lot of money on it in the first place! But the thought of going to car boot sales to try and get rid of everything is a living nightmare for some. So what can you do to declutter quickly and effectively to make way for the new?

Going online is an easy way to get rid of your items now because you have a larger amount of people to sell to. There are so many Buy & Sell pages on Facebook that you can have someone buy your item and come and pick it up for you on the same day. Clothes are an easy item to get rid of online because if you bought a top in a sale and never wore it, it will still be in good condition. You can take a picture of the item, and people can judge for themselves if it’s good enough quality, which means there will be less fuss for you.

If you can get all your items photographed and placed online on the right pages, you will be surprised how many people will snap up your old clothes and even your old junk! Never underestimate the old games console you have in the back of your wardrobe! And if you want to get rid of it quickly, make it a bargain.

As a habit for future purchases, if you get into the habit of buying items that are only on offer, it makes life easier when you need to do the inevitable decluttering, and the items won’t have broken the bank balance, so parting with them isn’t so much of an issue. There are plenty of coupon sites you can go onto to find bargains on everyday items like clothes. There are sites like and print coupons or sign up for money off certain purchases.

It doesn’t have to be a long process to get rid of everything.

It depends on how quickly you want to declutter your home. Some people are happy to put items for sale on eBay and wait for the highest bidder. If you are after the latest bargains in the shops, but you don’t have any more room, then you can benefit from quickly selling your stuff with minimal fuss. The great thing about finding bargains online, by using coupon sites, and selling your items on using social media means that you can always keep up to date and within a decent price.