simple salt dough decorationsIf you’re looking for something Christmassy to do on the few days before Christmas but you’re all shopped out then this simple 3 ingredient salt dough is perfect for you. Salt dough is really cheap to make and the possibilities are endless when it comes to what creations you can make. Salt dough is ideal for kids as it is so malleable and doesn’t dry out quickly so you can easily rework is and start again if any shape cutting goes “wrong”.

simple salt dough decorations


1 cup of plain flour

1 cup of salt

Half a cup of water


Told you it was simple!



  1. In a large bowl, mix salt and flour together.
  2. Stir in your water gradually to make a dough consistency.
  3. Turn out your dough onto a clean work surface and smooth out with a rolling pin.
  4. Once you’ve cut out your shapes etc. Place in the oven at 180C until golden and cooked through.

simple salt dough decorationsYou can use cookie cutters, glasses, boxes, or go freehand with a knife to make your shapes.simple salt dough decorationsI decided to make gift tags with my salt dough so used a small star shape to create them all.simple salt dough decorationsIf you’re making gift tags too, remember to add a hole to thread your ribbon or string through. As seen below, a birthday candle is the perfect shape and size for this.salt doughThen add any lettering you want to be included. I have a lettering set that’s part of a cookie stamp and you can use the letters by hand. The set is available to buy from Amazon here.simple salt dough decorationsThen pop into your pre-heated oven until hard. As long as they’re kept in a dry place, the gift tags will stay lovely for years. You can paint them, add nail varnish, cover in glue and glitter etc. Then the receiver can use them as Christmas Tree decorations afterwards too. Perfect for teacher gifts!

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