SIRI is making you vulnerableLast night I read a story about a girl who found an iPhone. On pressing the home button to see if it was locked, she saw that SIRI was accessible.

The girl asked SIRI “what’s my name?”. She just wanted to get a contact name for the owner. In fact she was actually able to get name and date of birth. She even found out where her car was last parked!

The moral of the story was to go into your phone settings and disable SIRI when your phone is locked.

I was about to do this myself when something else caught my eye. The default setting on iPhones is for wallet to also be accessible whilst your phone is locked. You just have to double click the home button. So its worth making sure you complete ALL the security settings on getting a new phone. This was my experience using an Iphone 7.

I realised how vulnerable SIRI had made me.

The default settings also allowed for calls to be made. When I did this I could see what voicemails I had, where I worked and a picture of me.

I naively trusted Apple. I assumed that locked meant locked!

I’ve since switched all my settings to inaccessible when locked in order to protect my identity and my finances.

You can do the same. Go to Settings – ID & Passcodes-Allow Access When locked and swipes them all left.

Please share this with friends who have an iPhone and stay safe.

Hollie x

iphone screenshot siri settings