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survive chicken poxStraight after my operation I quickly had to learn to walk again in order to survive chicken pox which had hit James first and then little Ted!

It’s actually been a crazy month that I don’t wish to relive but I’ve learnt a few hacks for survival on the way which I’d love to share with you.

Calamine Lotion

The stuff your mum used when you were little, is still a key item in your survival tool kit. Available from your local pharmacy, supermarket or online. A bottle of that will see you through chicken pox with one child. If your poorly child has a sibling that hasn’t had chicken pox yet, it’s more than likely to happen, so get enough for all children that could be affected. Stock up on cotton wool pads (not balls) too. The balls just soak up too much lotion so use the pads instead. A newer alternative is Virasoothe which is a chicken pox gel and suitable from 6 months.

Online Grocery Shopping

Anyone showing chicken pox spots has already been contagious for the previous two weeks! There’s nothing you can do about that but it is now important to avoid crowded places. Elderly people, pregnant women, small babies and people on certain medicines or problems with their immune systems are really vulnerable to catching chicken pox. As you can’t always tell who is poorly or pregnant etc it is best to stay home just in case. Therefore you’re going to need to stock up on groceries. Whilst my two came down with it, we tried out online shopping with Iceland. You can read my review here of their new Pizza Express range. Having the shopping taken care for was a life saver for me.

survive chicken pox

Pray for Good Weather

Children with chicken pox don’t necessarily appear ill other than the spots. This means they still have the same amount of toddler energy they need to burn but you can’t take them out anywhere! It was really fortunate that we had great weather whilst my two were ill. I was able to leave the back door open and James could come and go as he pleased. The sun and warmth helped dry his spots out too. To make the most use of the garden and maintain his interest in being outside, I ordered a few garden toys for him from Amazon with next day deliver. Again, anything which could be quickly delivered to me definitely helped me survive chicken pox.

Oat Bath

To soothe itchy bodies, fill a sock with a couple of handfuls of oats. Tie a knot in the sock and run a warm bath. Please the sock into the bath and let it soak. Squeeze the oaty “milk” into the bath until it all looks quite creamy. Have your child play about in the bath with plastic cups and encourage them to pour the oat milk over themselves. It really soothes their young skin and helps dry out their spots.

survive chicken pox


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