thrifty house moveWhen you decide to have a house move, it can be an expensive time. There are lot of things to consider, especially if you are a parent. No longer are you looking for perks that will benefit the adults, but you also have to think about what’s child-friendly. Being thrifty when you’re in this situation can be hard. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done though! If you keep an eye out and remember to stick within your budget, the possibilities can be endless. When we moved house, it was before James and Ted but we had to bear future possible children in mind nevertheless.

Shop Around For Your Legal Team

Most of the extra expense apart from buying your house comes from the legal team that you need to hire to execute all of the admin that goes with it. Solicitors, estate agents and even lawyers may have to get involved to do all of the necessary searches. You don’t necessarily have to go for the cheapest with this. They may not be the best for what you need. Often, if you are paying a big lump sum in order to secure the people that you need, there doesn’t tend to be any extra hidden fees added. What seems cheap in the beginning may just end up being the more expensive option though.

Make sure that you go with people that come on good recommendations. Try asking family and friends for who they used and trust their judgement if they have had good experiences. If people have had a bad experience, the reputation of these companies usually precedes them. You will rarely hear about ones that have done their job properly and thoroughly, giving the best customer experience. This is because bad news travels faster than good.

Don’t Stick With Where You Are Looking

If you have held off on moving because you’re waiting for a house in your chosen location, consider expanding your radius by five miles. You don’t even have to even consider living in the same country. There are houses for sale all over the world that could be saving you a fortune. There are a lot of neighbourhoods that get a bad reputation from things that happened in the past. However the investment in less than desirable places means that house prices rise. You make your house a home when you live in it.

Try walking round places near to where you live see how you feel. Ask residents if they like living there. You will find that some having been living there their whole lives. When you have children to consider, a strong community around them whilst growing up is one of the most important things you can have to keep them safe. Having the prettiest house in the neighbourhood doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be happy growing up there. You need to look at the bigger picture. Consider just how much you can actually afford to spend whilst taking into account your children’s lives.

Think About Amenities

The more amenities that you have around you, the more your house will go up in value. This is definitely something to consider both when buying and selling your home. If you are buying a house in a place that doesn’t have things available to you on your doorstep such as shops, doctors, schools etc, it’s also important to think about how much you would spend getting there. Also consider how easy they are to access. If you know that you would be spending a large amount on fuel each month, it may be worth moving closer.

In new developments, there are usually certain amenities such as convenience stores that will pop up to serve new residents. These are worth looking into. Especially as are guarantees with most new-build homes. These ensure that anything that goes wrong with them within the first couple of years is able to get fixed. This goes across the building work and any other snags that will need correcting.

How Much Could You Profit?

This is more to do with the selling of your house rather than the buying of – but it’s something to keep in mind. There are tips, tricks and hints to getting your house into a state that will demand more money. There are houses on the market that have sold for a lot less than their value due to simple mistakes that the owners have made which could be rectified in an instant. These homes are then bought it at a bargain price.

Getting your house to follow a neutral colour scheme the whole way through it something that will definitely appeal to prospective buyers. They are looking for a space to imprint their own personalities around rather than having to adapt to what you have splashed onto the walls. The less work that they have to do when they move in, including renovations and updating certain features like windows and doors, the more likely they are to invest. This isn’t to say that you need to get all of these done right before selling your house. There are certain decisions that need to be made though which are more focused on how much return you will get on your investment.

Is The Move A Necessity?

In a small amount of cases, the move isn’t as much of a necessity as you may think it is. There are alterations that you could do to your own house which would cost you a fraction of what it costs to move. Certain taxes, admin and legal fees that you would be paying out for could instead be put towards an extension. Even a conservatory could add on a profit to your house or may justify you staying put for longer.

Garages that are sitting unused or not being filled to their full potential. They can be easily converted into another bedroom. If they are adjacent to your house with space above, this can also be built upon to give you yet more room.

Things like this are important to consider for the long term. If you are well placed within the neighbourhood in which you currently reside and your children are settled, there is no point in moving them to a bigger house. Especially if you could transform yours into the same thing you’re looking for.

Ask The Agents For More Information

Often, the houses which are put on for a bargain price are reserved for those who have already spoken to the estate agents. It is definitely worth putting forward your interest in a specific type of house. Outline to them your budget and price range. These people are paid to sell houses – there is no way that they don’t want to sell to you.

In a lot of cases, it is people who are investing in a property to do up to rent out and add to their portfolio who are the ones who have already made the deals with the estate agents. Putting your case forward and explaining that you are on a tight budget can often appeal to their softer side. There are a lot of sellers who are wanting their properties to go into the hands of somebody who will love it.

Be a Detective!

It’s also worth asking about properties which aren’t yet on the market. Think about houses that you have driven past and commented on and note down their addresses. If the selling team know that a buyer is already interested, they may let you know first. This means that you will get first chance to look around. That means first chance for refusal and first chance to put in a low offer. It could be the perfect opportunity for you to own dream home for a bargain price. It’s definitely worth a try, as what could be a better solution?