This week I made the bold decision to let my “normal work” know that once my maternity leave ends, I’ll be handing in my notice. I’m so excited about this plan and am very much ready to take on a new challenge. It did make me think about how little time I now have off with my boys whilst they’re little. That’s why I quickly wanted to draw up a list of things to do with them whilst I can and my number one thing was to take a bath with both of them.

James found the “Mummy Bath” hilarious! I wouldn’t have had the room to do this before my surgery – there wasn’t room for the water never mind two small humans!! It was the most lovely moment and a memory I will forever cherish.

After our bath, I had a chat to some other parent bloggers about what they recommend for my maternity leave bucket list.

Here’s 15 thrifty suggestions for your maternity bucket list before you go back to work if that’s what you choose to do.

  1. Have a mum and baby photoshoot and fill your photo albums – Catherine from
  2. Have a full day with just you and baby doing everything they enjoy e.g. a day in the park – Jenna from
  3. Spending the morning cuddling and eat breakfast in bed – Nicola from
  4. Enjoy the little things – Rachael from
  5. Remember to do things for yourself including TV series binge watching – Lauren from
  6. See lots of your new mummy friends before you go back to work as weekends become so precious – Debbie
  7. Talk to a careers coach if you’re ready for a change in direction – Jodie from
  8. Have a mummy and baby duvet day – Nicola from
  9. Visit family friendly attractions like children’s farms as they’re much quieter during the week! – Lucy from
  10. Have one on one coffees with your friends as it becomes so hard to see people on an individual basis once you’re back at work – Jo from
  11. Watch daytime TV in your PJs – Natalie from
  12. Wake up on a morning and choose to just go for a long walk. Once back to work you have to schedule everything in – Carrie from
  13. Decide and ask for the support you’re going to need from family and friends once you’ve returned to work – Kate from
  14. Look for baby groups which you can continue if you’re going back to work part-time and get to know those mums instead – Victoria from
  15. Draw up a housework schedule to share the responsibilities once you’re working again too – Amy from

I’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions for a maternity leave bucket list x