thrifty shades of grey title pageHere’s my little list of how to get sexy on a shoestring with my guide: “Thrifty Shades of Grey” because even if as parents you only make an effort for some alone time on special occasions, Valentines Day is a great time to rekindle how you felt before the kids came along. Don’t panic though, it doesn’t need to cost the Earth!

See Fifty Shades Darker on a shoestring: The sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey is due to be released in the UK on 10th February 2017 but make sure you don’t pay full price when you go to see it! By using an NUS student card (even if you’re not a student you can get one. Instructions are here) and use it in conjunction with the Meerkat Movies app (find out more here for how to get this on the cheap too), you can see it for as little as £2.65 at the cinema!

Listen to the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack for free:Amazon Music has two different music streaming services to choose from but with both you can get a free 30 day trial.

  1. Amazon Music Unlimited: over 40-million-song catalogue.
  2. Prime Music: curated 2 million song catalogue for Prime members.

Get sent kinky toys and underwear for free: For the last year I have been a member of a site called Vipon (previously known as AMZ Reviews) and have received in excess of £7000 worth of Amazon product for free! Not only has this been great for filling my gift cupboard at home but it has saved us money on things we would have had to buy anyway, especially toiletries. However Vipon also has a section on their site for adults only. There is a whole host of toys, underwear and other aids and paraphernalia which could spice up your Valentine’s Day for free. Once you have applied to be a reviewer, you apply to review individual items and the seller makes a decision if you’re the right “fit” to review their product. If you are, you get a notification on your personalised dashboard and given a code to buy the item off Amazon for free or at a reduced price.

Take a bath or shower together and save water (and money!): Get grandma on babysitting duty and enjoy a cosy night in together. Fill a bath with plenty of bubbles even if it is a bit of Matey you’ve nicked from the kids and light a few candles. Save even more water and money with a free Water Saving Kit here, just maybe install the tech before V Day or afterwards – I’m not suggesting putting in water saving devices as a Valentines Day activity!!

Have a fakeaway: the only thing you want to be faking on Valentines Day is your takeaway. Make your own food rather than ordering in and save yourself loads of pennies! I love the simple recipe for pan fried duck by the wonderful Kelly from Reduced Grub and it only costs £1 per portion.

All you need is…

2 duck breast
1/4 of a green cabbage sliced finely
Egg noodles
2 finely chopped spring onions
2 finely chopped plums
1 cup of orange or apple juice
2 star anise
1 tsp chinese 5 spice
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp chicken marinade

For the full method read on here.

Or you know, just treat yourself to a choccy biscuit which you don’t need to hide the fact you’re eating, a TV programme that doesn’t feature Justin Fletcher or animated characters and an early night without a kicky bed-sharing bambino. Bliss. Either way, enjoy!


Have fun,

Hollie x

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.