thrifty ways to get fit
I am finally feeling back to normal since my operation and have seen a further weight loss so I’m ready to begin exercising again. I’m so excited about this as it is a while since I’ve done any formal exercise but love how it made me feel afterwards. Saying that, I am still on maternity pay, so I’m going to try and be creative with what I do. Gone are the days where I can justify £50 a month on gym memberships. So here’s my round up of my favourite 5 thrifty ways to get fit.


Nothing could be simpler than pulling on a pair of trainers and opening your front door and just putting one foot in front of the other. Motivation for running on the other hand can be hard. That’s why I highly recommend the free download from NHS called “Couch to 5k”. It’s a method I’ve followed before and I liked the simplicity of it. You’re talked through each session and there’s lots of inspirational music to match where you are in your run. It covers nine weeks with podcasts to help you progress, become more confident and increase your endurance.

If you can’t get out alone for a run due to little people, have a look for your local buggy run or buggy burn groups. They’re a great way to meet other new mums and bond with your child whilst knowing you’re doing something for yourself too!

Free Gyms

Found in your local public parks, there are free gyms popping up all over the country. These are known as Trim trails, fitness trails or activity trails. They are made up of simple pieces of exercise equipment, such as parallel bars, leapfrog blocks, inclined press-ups and balance beams dotted around parks, recreation areas or alongside cycle routes.

The free equipment can be used to do various exercises, including step-ups, sit-ups, lunges and press-ups, to develop balance, strength and co-ordination.thrifty ways to get fit

Alternatively there are Green Gyms organised by conservation volunteers that lead attendees in working up a sweat digging, planting, lopping and path-clearing. You can find your nearest green gym here.

Free Fitness Phone Apps

Fitness phone apps are brilliant for if you find yourself only having a short amount of time to workout at home.

My current favourites are : 7 minute workout, Fitstar and Fitbit.

Commitment Free Gyms

If you are the gym bunny sort and prefer your exercise to be indoors then shop around for free first. Most gyms offer at least a day’s free pass so make use of these:

Once you have exhausted that list, sign up to PayAsUGym here. Something that puts a lot of people off going to a gym is the 12 month minimum contracts that most of them require you to sign up to. There are horror stories of being tied into long contracts you can no longer make use of e.g if you have an injury or lose your job etc. That’s why PayAsUGym is such a great idea.

There are four options:

  1. One visit pass (valid for 30 days)
  2. Five visit pass (valid for 30 days)
  3. Save extra 15%. 10 visit pass (valid for 60 days)
  4. Rolling monthly subscription
    • Uncapped access to your chosen gym
    • Uncapped access to 1000s of gym at same (or less) monthly price
    • Cancel anytime

You pick the gym you wish to go to and everything is on your terms. Plus if you use my referral link, you can get 50% off your first order, saving you even more money!

Bag Yourself Free Home Gym Equipment

People often give away fitness gear, such as weights, skipping ropes or exercise balls. They are the kind of things people buy with high hopes and the equipment then lies around gathering dust. Help relieve someone of their clutter and get fit for free.

Check community freebie sites such as Freegle, Freecycle and SnaffleUp, and send emails saying you’re looking for exercise equipment.


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thrifty ways to get fit