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bridgehead woodsSome days you just need a place to let the kids roam, get dirty but still be in the cool shade. That’s when we take our boys to Bridgehead Woods.

What is it?

A wildlife walk with artwork by local school children installed along the woodland nature trail.

Pupils were tasked with creating and decorating bug hotels and bird nest boxes to provide a safe haven for creatures along the woodland nature trail that leads around the business park. The project liaised closely with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to design homes which would help wildlife flourish.

Working with local artist Liz Dorton, the children also created a giant bird’s nest measuring 10ft across using a dead hedge technique; weaving twigs and branches around branch ‘pillars’ in two concentric circles and filling with wood. They finished the installation with large mosaic eggs.

bridgehead woodland walk

Where is it?

Bridgehead Woodland Walk is located on the Bridgehead Business Park, postcode: HU13 0LN. The business park is next to the tip next to the roundabout to the North Bank entrance to the Humber Bridge. Turn on to the business park and take the first left and it is straight ahead of you. Parking is free. The walk is not well sign posted so here’s what you’re looking for.bridgehead woodland walk

What is there to do?

Along with the “dinosaur egg nest”, there are lots of things to see which the students and artist have created. There are little huts made from branches to wander in and out of, bug hotels to explore, butterfly and moth sculpture to spot and fancy bird feeding stands to watch the wide variety of birds pecking away at.

bridgehead woodland walk

bridgehead woodland walk

bridgehead woodland walk

bridgehead woods

bridgehead woods

bridgehead woods

What about toilets?

There’s nothing on site so the nearest ones are at either at Wingfield Farm or Home Farm pubs.

How long do you spend there?

With a toddler half walking it, we did the length of the woodland walk and back in about 50 mins. You could make this last longer with a picnic and games of course.

Where can I eat?

There’s a couple of viewing points along the walk which look out over the business park but one in particular has a great view of the Humber Bridge and has a large seating area. This is a perfect picnic area.

bridgehead woods



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