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thrifty family new addition titleIt’s been a little quiet on the blogging front for the past couple of weeks but I really hope you’ll agree I have the best excuse…ThriftyFollowers – meet Ted!

Ted close up

Ted was just like his ThriftyMum and chose to be a little late to the party but well worth the wait. On the day he arrived I’d had surges on and off for most of the day so in between them we tidied and cleaned the house, we even built the cot. The busier I kept, the slower the surges got but by the time it got to early evening we were both a bit fed up and wanted to just get on with meeting our newest addition.

When I visited local massage therapist Heather Barnes to claim my comp win of a lovely head and shoulder massage (I fell asleep four times!) I asked her to make up an aromatherapy oil blend for when I went into labour, so at this point of feeling bored with the surges which had pretty much stopped, I asked Rich for a massage. Within minutes the surges had ramped up and I asked him to fill the birthing pool and call the midwife.

Straight away I noticed that Rich was having an issue with the tap adapter and I could see the pool wasn’t going to be filled any time soon so I took myself off upstairs to prepare for plan B. Once in my bedroom, I dug out the stock pile of puppy pads I had and laid them out mosaic style over my duvet. Like an animal in the wild I knew I was making my nest.

My surges were every two minutes so it gave me time in between them to light some candles, turn off the lights and get myself comfy before starting my hypnotherapy track.

I heard the midwives arrive shortly after I began my hypno track and I could hear the low hum of pleasant chatter, a little laughter and even the kettle boiling. It was then that I realised that I was doing this alone and I felt even more empowered!

After a short while Rich came upstairs to tell me that the pool was full but all I could mutter to him was that I wasn’t going anywhere. You see, the head was already out! He quickly ran down for the midwives to join us and they commented on Ted saying “well we have a head,” and turned away to write some notes but Rich then exclaimed, “and shoulders!”

Although in a hypnotic state, there were so many moments which were amusing me. It is such a strange experience as at once you feel both detached from the situation as if you’re observing it and yet also fully immersed in it to the point where everything going on around you is completely irrelevant.

It turned out fortunate that the midwives had come up when they did as the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly three times around Ted’s neck.

So with a combination of hypnosis taught by local hypnotherapist Sandra Stones of East Yorkshire Hypnobirthing, yogic breathing techniques and birthing postures taught by Yogabellies teachers Pam Medhurst and Ali Storey and of course my potent aromatherapy blend from Heather Barnes at HMB Natural Health, we quickly welcomed into the world little Ted and promptly saved the NHS at least £500 by having him at home and you know how I enjoy saving other people money!

ted and hollie pic

I love creating new traditions with our little family and my friends knew that after having James at home we had ordered pizza and enjoyed eating it in bed with our snoozing newborn so they thoughtfully gave Rich and I some cash and a takeaway menu as a baby shower gift. Hilarious and so very gratefully received 🙂 To cement this new tradition we ordered in and ate our pizza in bed whilst the midwives completed their paperwork downstairs before leaving.

So not the relaxing day in a birthing pool that I had with James but it was equally special and if anything, I felt even more invincible afterwards.

We were particularly excited for Ted to arrive this year as our home town of Hull is the City of Culture for 2017 and for every baby born this year, their foot prints are being taken to form part of a large art exhibition at the Women and Children’s hospital. An artist has proposed to take the hand prints of all the nursing staff there to form an appearance of tree trunks and the baby footprints will be the leaves on the trees.

Ted's foot print for city of culture

To complement this art exhibition, baby’s born in the East Riding also receive a dedicated tree in their name! Ted has had a beautiful established apple tree dedicated to him and it is not far from our home either so we can go visit it regularly. I’m so excited for our first visit to see it!

However, this news does bring some changes to the blog as ThriftyBaby can no longer be ThriftyBaby as he’s now a big brother to little Ted. Collectively they will be the ThriftyBoys but from now I will just refer to them by their names to avoid any confusion. Ted was born with a to-do list of modelling jobs and reviews to complete so now is the time for us to start playing catch up with work and pray for forgiveness from all the lovely PRs who have been in touch this month.

Hollie x


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