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It can be so easy to fall into the trap of trying out lots of different versions of the same product in an attempt to find something that works for your child. Much money is wasted doing this! We currently have three different sets of children’s cutlery in our kitchen drawer. Fortunately Doddl got in touch for James to try out their ergonomic cutlery and we have a winner!

doddl children's cutleryDoddl children’s cutlery arrives in a beautiful presentation box.

It looks that good, it would make a lovely gift for a toddler or pre-schooler. They’re available in pink, green and blue. The vibrant colours appear to have made James recognise that it was something for him to use. Of course he was right, as children have been considered at every point of the ergonomic design of the cutlery.

Doddl children's cutlery

Each item in the three piece cutlery set is shaped to support little hands and growing wrists. They are comfortable for your small people to hold. The fork is easy to grip and control in both positions.

James went to pick up the fork and held it correctly instantly. I wish i’d filmed that moment as it was so impressive. So far he’s been one to hold his fork whilst he eats but feed himself with his other (empty) hand.

Doddl children's cutlery

The novelty of the Doddl children’s cutlery will, I’m sure, have played a part in how engaged he was with it.

However, he really excelled and fed himself his entire meal. He even chopped up some of his food! I certainly never expected this from him – he’s not even 2 years old yet!

Doddl children's cutlery

Doddl children’s cutlery is so different from any other design I’ve seen. You can see how it really helps during that transition period onto adult cutlery.

Doddl children's cutlery

Dishwasher safe and with a matching spoon, I wish I’d discovered Doddl earlier. It does mean that Ted will be able to try Doddl from the start though. That’s such an exciting thought as it might mean we don’t end up with half their meals on the floor! It’s no surprise to see that Doddl children’s cutlery is an Amazon best seller.

Thank you to Rosie and Cat for sharing your incredibly designed products with us 🙂


Hollie x



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