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goodness gracious foodYou know when you’re on holiday and your baby comes down with a virus and all you can think about is what on Earth you’re going to feed them? Well thank goodness we packed a shed load of puree pouches with us for such an occasion! The Goodness Gracious Food Company kindly sent James a hamper of different flavoured purees to try out this month. I’d actually thought, I’ll take them for the car journey as it is a long ride up to Northumberland and we might not find anything suitable for him to eat at the service station. However it was once we got to the apartment that he fell ill and was feeling very sorry for himself. Those days when solids are just too much for a little one but you need them to keep topped up with something nutritious – these pouches turned out to be a life saver!goodness gracious food

Choice of flavours

There’s a huge range of gorgeous flavour combinations and were lovely and creamy for James to manage whilst he wasn’t feeling well. He particularly liked the one with coconut in which is something I’ll have to build into his menu planning now!

I’ve mentioned this before, but weaning was my idea of hell. I’m not a very motivated cook and in all honesty I would happily eat cereal morning, noon and night. I’m not a fussy eater at all…I’ll eat anything someone else cooks me! I guess I’m just lazy but I really did find trying to introduce new ingredients to James’ diet as truly stressful.

My husband is excellent with flavour combinations. He can make the dullest of ingredients interesting but when it comes to weaning Ted, I’m just not going to make my life harder work than it needs to be. I’ll be opting straight for these lovely little pouches. I say little but actually they’re a really decent size and will be more than more meal size for a six month old weaning baby. Now I’m actually looking forward to weaning with Ted. I feel like I’ve got a second chance to do it and actually enjoy it!

A caring company

The Goodness Gracious Food Company  really focus on the child’s need for a healthy diet and have flavour combinations such as Kale, Courgette and Quinoa Puree, Chicken, Sweet Potato, Spinach Puree with Mint & Lemon Juice and Pumpkin, Coconut Milk and Cardamom Puree. My favourite was the apple, apricot and cinnamon as it smelt like Christmas!

goodness gracious food

How to purchase

You can purchase these pouches online from the Goodness Gracious Food Company. They’re currently offering free shipping for four or more boxes. OR you can buy them from the following places:

  • Battersea Pharmacy
  • Brook’s, 140 Shepherd’s Bush Road, W6 7PB, London
  • Dyfi Wholefoods
  • Earth Natural Foods
  • Hillcrest Pharmacy
  • Joyce’s Supermarket
  • Lunchables Varietymart
  • Navgold Ltd
  • Neet Wheat
  • Oliver’s Whole Foods, Kew
  • Organic Supermarket
  • Planet Organic, London
  • Tree Of Life Uk Ltd
  • Village Health Food Store
  • Whole Foods UK
  • Wispville Ltd

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