Introducing Latest Deals

Earlier this year I was excited to be referred by a friend, Emma Drew, to someone she had heard was setting up a new website to take on all the other discount and deals websites and it promised to be much more user friendly than anything already online. That someone was Tom Church and the site is LatestDeals.


After a brief telephone chat that somehow got completely off topic and onto the subject of sanitary wear made from bamboo and charcoal (that’s something to discuss another day in another blog post!) I agreed to meet with Tom to have a preview of the site at the Show me the Money Blogger Awards (SHOMOS) and after that meeting and a lot of free food I decided to jump onboard and become a launch partner for the site.

I am absolutely loving sharing the deals I find via this site and shopping via it too, especially on the run up to Christmas when people are spotting lightening deals in the middle of the night! So to introduce LatestDeal, here’s a special interview I did with Tom so you can find out more about the site, him and his motivation…


What is LatestDeals? is a deal sharing community where people find and share money saving offers, freebies and even competitions. These are genuine deals found by real people. You can follow your favourite bloggers (see Hollie’s profile here) and save money on things that are personal to you.

What’s the best deal you’ve ever got?

Three cats. I grew up in the countryside and wild farm cats were common. My sister and I would entice them into the house with milk and food, and slowly coax them into being our pets. The best freebies ever!
The other amazing freebie I got was to go gliding. Amazing fun, the plane is catapulted into the sky and you try to catch “thermals” under the clouds which lift you higher and higher. If anyone is interested in learning to fly, gliding is the cheapest option and a great deal.tom gliding
How did your parents influence your attitude towards money?
My siblings influenced me more than my parents. I watched my brother and sister get in trouble whenever they borrowed money and didn’t pay it back (I’m the youngest). For that reason, I made it an unofficial rule to myself not to borrow or ask for any! We didn’t get pocket money – Dad didn’t believe in that – so if I wasn’t going to borrow, I had to get a job.
My first was when I was eight years old, for Miss Bibby, an old lady down the road. I was paid £2 per hour to do her household chores and gardening. She’s passed away now, but I did it every weekend for years. It’s stuck with me ever since. I don’t agree with credit cards and hate the idea of personal loans.
What’s your most prized possession?
My journals. Every week I write in a journal what I’ve been up to, my thoughts and feelings. I’ve been doing it since I was twelve. It’s incredible to go back and read what you were thinking and doing a year, two years, or even ten years ago. What’s scary is how often bad feelings have been left unresolved. It’s as if you’ve been sleepwalking for a year and not made any progress. When I find that, then it’s a big push to change. 
For example, my first job after university was with a PR agency. I didn’t enjoy it much and noted such in my journal. When I read it a year later and discovered I was still feeling the same way, it was a big push to move on to something else: suit tailoring and then LatestDeals.
As a little tip to your readers, I really recommend keeping a journal as a tool for mindfulness. It’s a fantastic way to put complicated thoughts down and make sense of them. The act of writing clarifies things in your mind and helps you make sense of it. Like mediation, it’s quite literally taking your thoughts out and observing them from the outside. Perfect if you’re someone with a busy mind or have difficulty sleeping.
Which would you do first: a) Buy an item you saw with a price glitch or b) immediately share it online with your friends?
Oh wow, you’re going to make me feel guilty! If it’s an amazing price glitch (for example recently there was a case of wine at M&S which you could get pretty much for free) I would buy it first. This is because sometimes they disappear within 10-15 minutes. If it works, then I’ll share it on LatestDeals and the Facebook Page which all my friends follow. Then I would share it with my friends if it’s something relevant. For example, recently there was a error fare for flights to Miami. I shared it with a friend who I knew wanted to go on holiday and they booked it 🙂
Are LatestDeals going to have a Christmas party?
100% yes. You bring the mince pies, I’ll bring the mulled wine. And mermaid blankets
So in a nutshell, that’s the background behind the guy that’s poured all of his savings into this fabulous website just to save you savvy shoppers lots of money! Now go check out LatestDeals, make sure you give me a follow for everything baby/parent/child related plus a few extras which catch my eye and see if there’s anything else which takes your fancy and if you spot any deals online then you can share those too!
Hollie x
*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links