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mama+belleMy little lamb chop Ted has been through some rough times recently. At only six months he’s had chicken pox and now croup! All whilst teething for England bless him 🙂 Suzy, owner of Mama+Belle has been so kind and sent me a beautiful rainbow teething necklace to try out with Ted in return for my review.

They have such a huge range on their website From baby pastels, which you might have expected, to bright rainbow colours which I thought Ted would enjoy the look of. Even more recently is the new rose gold and marble range which I’m besotted with!


It’s arrived!

After unwrapping our beautiful package I placed my new necklace on the top shelf in my dishwasher and allowed it to go through one cycle. Once complete and dry it was ready to wear. The rainbow colours have meant it goes with pretty much any outfit and I love that it doesn’t scream teething jewellery. Something that creator Suzy was keen to ensure too!

First test…

After eyeing it up for mere seconds, Ted’s little hands grasped the food grade silicone beads and began chopping away. The length of the thread is perfect for him so he’s able to pull away from me slightly and still gum the beads whilst being able to maintain eye contact. I can see why everyone claims the necklaces really assist with bonding.

Someone got jealous!

James also wanted a go and tried grabbing the necklace quiet hard. Fortunately the breakaway clasp allowed the necklace to drop to him rather than decapitate me. He’s so strong!

Teething is such a cruel thing for children to experience and other than Calpol and cuddles you can end up feeling quite helpless. Fortunately I feel that my new necklace will really help Ted. James is still teething too. His fangs are currently working their way down to greet us. I just wish it wasn’t such a long drawn out process! My necklace has made me feel like I’m able to comfort them with teething throughout the day without medicating. It’s a nice feeling!

The ‘Dad Collection’

Sometimes it can feel like as mama’s we’re expected to have all the answers. What’s for tea? When’s parents’ evening? What should he wear today? Are these clothes clean? How do we potty train? When are we weaning?

Thankfully Mama+Belle have created a collection of jewellery for dads so mamas don’t have to take all the responsibility for dealing with drooling babies.

Available in a chic black or grey, teething bracelets are available in men’s sizes and are equally safe as the necklaces with a single knot in between each bead.mama+belle

We’ve really enjoyed trying out this necklace from Mama+Belle. The new Aurora Quartz teething necklace is going on my Christmas wishlist!

Mama+Belle jewellery for parents with teething children is available from the Mama+Belle website and is now stocked in John Lewis too.

*Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Mama+Belle.


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