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thriftymum introduces piccolo

Yesterday I popped to Asda at Mount Pleasant for the launch of a fab new brand of baby food they have taken on. There’s so much choice in Asda – it was great to see the variety of meals on offer for little ones.

down the baby food aisle

I had the pleasure of meeting Alice (far left in pic below) from My Little Piccolo¬†who are a fairly new baby food brand on the market. Alice is a clever beauty and reminds me of Alicia Silverstone but she’s far from Clueless! I also met lots of other lovely mummy bloggers and their babies that morning ūüôā


My Little Piccolo have only been in Asda stores for a couple of weeks so are taking a tour around the country to introduce new parents to their brand and provide food education at the same time. Although full of cold and having gone quite deaf due to being ill I went along to find out more about them but learnt so much about feeding in general whilst I was there. Feeling a lot more educated after our session I’m even more pleased I’ve been given this second chance with baby number 2 to get it right or at least enjoy it more this time around!

I have to admit I didn’t really enjoy the weaning process with ThriftyBaby. My own anxieties as a first-time mum took over and it felt like a process and chore to endure. We began by batch cooking various blended vegetables, freezing them in dedicated baby portion sized pots and stuck to the strict guidelines of four days of each food to ensure there were no allergies about to raise their head. Now I realise that I really could have taken a slower more laid back approach with him seen as there aren’t any food allergies present in our family.


So what makes Piccolo different to the other brands on the shelf?

Having worked with local and worldwide organic farmers Cat (one of the founders), and the team believe in knowing where their ingredients come from. They believe in supporting organic suppliers and in turn the environment. They strive to keep the travel miles of their ingredients to a minimum, and are in close contact with all of their farmers.

Alice is a chef and nutritional therapist at My Little Piccolo, she says that they’ve developed their choice of flavours in the range to combine both sweet and savoury so a sweet pudding for afters is not taught as a reward – this is the Mediterranean way and makes complete sense now that someone has explained it to me.

My Little Piccolo kindly supplied us all with a lovely goodie bag filled with different pouches to try at home with our little ones although some of the children at the event were that excited about them they tried a few whilst we were still there and loved them! ThriftyBaby was at nursery though so I had to wait until this morning to let him have a try.

So today¬†I introduced ThriftyBaby to kale! (Have I becoming “one of those” mums???) The pouch I tried was the Mango, Pear and Kale with a dash of yoghurt and I mixed it into his porridge oats. He gave it a good old look then scoffed the lot!


I’ve tried to introduce lots of different flavours into ThriftyBaby’s diet by giving him food seasoned with herbs and spices and even gave him a wedge of lemon the other day just for giggles but actually, although he pulled lots of funny faces he seemed to be enjoying it. Alice tells me this was a great thing to do as many parents won’t give bitter tastes to young ones but your tastebuds work like muscle memory and so by increasing the number of different flavours introduced between 6 -24 months, this will reduce the likelihood of fussy eating later in childhood – making parenting easier all round!

happy baby kale eating

All the ingredients in the Piccolo range are organic and free range and the recipes for the pouches are made available on the website if you fancy having a go at making them yourself! (…yeah I haven’t got time for that either haha!)

The My Little Piccolo range of baby foods, in line with NHS and WHO guidelines, are suitable from 6 months and labelled accordingly. 10% of profits go to help fund food education, in partnership with the NCT, providing practical support around baby nutrition to parents in disadvantaged areas.

My Little Piccolo is available to purchase from Asda, Waitrose, Ocado, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market, Amazon, Booths, Abel & Cole, Cheeky Rascals and

If you fancy giving them a try, head over to their website to get a 50p off coupon for your next purchase and let me know what you think.

(ThriftyBaby’s Children in Need t-shirt is also available at Asda)

Hollie x


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