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preparing for birth titleTime goes so quickly when you’re preparing for birth, apart from that last month which seems to last FOREVER! That’s why its a great time to take stock and make an effort to enjoy the quiet before the storm.

Self care doesn’t need to mean an expensive spa trip or a girly mini break. One way I love to unwind is by colouring in.

I had the pleasure of seeing an advanced copy of the new colouring in book ‘Preparing for Birth’ which is on sale from 27th April 2017.

Thank you to author and midwife Bridget Sheeran for providing me with a copy to review.

Preparing for Birth is a colouring in book full of positive birth affirmations, beautifully illustrated by Olwyn Jennings. Each page has a black and white image ready to be enjoyed by you as you contemplate your impending arrival. The pictures draw from nature and use symbols to represent different elements of pregnancy and the birthing process.

Having personally embraced mindfulness, pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing with my two boys, this colouring book really complements these choices and would have made a lovely baby shower gift or mother’s day gift for when I was expecting my second baby.

So this morning I have spent a little time to myself whilst Ted has napped and enjoyed the sunshine. A big cup of (decaf) coffee and my felt-tip pens were all I needed to enjoy the Preparing for Birth colouring in book.

It’s very addictive though – you won’t want to stop at one page!

I’ve really enjoyed exploring this book and reading the affirmations. The paper is great quality so I didn’t need to worry about using felt-tips instead of pencil crayon. I’m already hoping there might be another book to follow on from this one for parents once their child has arrived. It’s even more important then to ensure you take time out for yourself as children can be so consuming!

preparing for birth

*Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.


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