sensory miffyAs most of you will know, a toy has to be pretty special for me to buy it if it requires batteries but this week we were asked by the lovely people at Miffy to review their new Sensory Miffy and doesn’t she look cute in our playroom?!sensory miffy


Sensory Miffy has some really lovely features. First of all Miffy is a great size for toddlers as they can give him a proper cuddle. The material he’s made of is gorgeously soft and the battery pack isn’t accessible to little fingers as everything is tightly hidden away with velcro and then screwed in under Miffy’s top. Nice and safe!

On each body part, there is a touch sensor which makes Miffy speak. Hand, foot, tummy, mouth, ears, eyes and cheek are all options. Additionally, Miffy will play the cartoon theme tune when you press her dress button. The button is part of the fabric so again, I didn’t need to be worried about any small part coming off.

sensory miffy

The little genius that is Miffy can also be switched to respond to touch in Dutch! Although I think I might leave this switch alone to avoid any confusion whilst James is learning to talk.

James’ Review (as imagined by ThriftyMum)

I came home from nursery this week to my mummy saying I had a new little friend to play with. I went into the playroom and found Miffy in her blue dress. Blue is my favourite so gave her a big cuddle. Then I jumped backwards and threw Miffy to the floor because she said “tummy”! Mummy told me to pick her back up for another cuddle. Then mummy showed me all the parts I could squeeze and it made Miffy speak. this made me smile a lot and I tried to copy what Miffy was saying.

My favourite part is Miffy’s button on her dress as this plays music whilst mummy sings along to. I danced to this tune over and over until it was tea time. Miffy makes me smile a lot and hold her up to anyone who will look so I can show what talking she can do. I showed her very close up to little Ted who smiled too. Mummy says that will be the black and white contrast on her face that Ted can see. I’m not allowed to poke Ted in the eyes as it makes him cry but I’m allowed to poke Miffy’s face and she just talks.


Miffy is currently priced at £21.97. It is suitable for 6 months to 4 years but I would highly recommend it for when you little one is starting to show signs of developing language. At the time of review, James is 19 months and mimicking most things we say to him so this is a perfect age for his to get acquainted with Miffy. He would make a lovely gift for a new born to grow up with or as a first birthday/Christmas present.

Sensory Miffy is available to buy from Amazon – just click here to view.

*Disclosure – Sensory Miffy was provided in exchange for an honest and independent review. This post contains affiliate links.