toddlebike2This month has been so tough on the boys. First I had an operation which left me on bed rest for over a week. Then James got Chicken Pox and now Ted has it too! The worse thing about Chicken Pox was that James remained his usual bundle of energy. Obviously he wasn’t allowed out anywhere and couldn’t go to nursery either! Thankfully we have had nice weather so he’s been able to be his Tasmanian Devil self outside and burn off his energy. Just in the nick of time, the lovely folks over at ToddleBike2 came to the rescue. They sent me a request that we review their pre-balance bike for them and I’m very happy to report that it officially has my recommendation.


The ToddleBike2 is available to purchase from Amazon and is eligible for next day delivery with Amazon Prime. You can get a free trial for Amazon Prime here. The next day delivery is ideal if you find yourself needing a last minute gift. Or if you’re like me, you’re just looking for something to occupy your toddler so you can catch up on The Good Wife in peace.


Much to my relief, the light as a feather box that came to my house wasn’t actually empty! I really couldn’t believe how little it weighed though! The ToddleBike2 was well packaged and already assembled so it was good to be used by James straight away. There’s nothing worse than an over-excited toddler watching you put together a toy. Or even worse monitor you whilst you frantically search for a screw driver and batteries!


Item Weight 798 g (aka light as a feather!)
Product Dimensions 48 x 19.5 x 34 cm
Colour Racing Red, Midnight Blue, Pinky Pink

James’ Review (as imagined by ThriftyMum)

Mummy says I can play inside on my ToddleBike2 because it is so light that I can pick it up over all the babygate frames without getting frustrated and needing help. When I have played outside on my new ToddleBike2 mummy gives the wheels a quick wipe down with a wet wipe and then I’m good to play indoors straight away too. There’s no fiddly bits to clean out so mummy is very happy about this. The seat is nice and long for when I forget where my bum needs to go. The ToddleBike2 is narrow and compact compared to the stretched out legs of a Scuttlebug. This means I can get in and out of all the furniture without getting stuck and screaming for help or repeatedly saying “Uh-oh” and annoying mummy and daddy.


The ToddleBike2 is priced at £23.95 which I think is great value. It’s suitable from walking up to about the age of three so that’s a good two years of use. As it is a really sturdy piece of kit I have no doubt that Ted will use it too. Due to its size and weight, it has also been perfect for popping in the car for trips to grandparents too. Anything more bulky wouldn’t have fit into our car so it has been ideal for us.

I’m really impressed and therefore it gets the ThriftyMum seal of approval.


*Disclosure – ToddleBike2 was provided in exchange for an honest and independent review. This post contains affiliate links.