Like most people, I love food, but I also love getting stuff in the post. Food subscriptions are an amazing combination of the two! Gousto lets you choose from 12 delicious new recipes each week. They deliver all the ingredients in pre-measured portions for entire meals.

I like to keep things simple.

Being a mum to a six month old has created new things to juggle in my day. That dreaded question of “What’s for tea?” had started to grate on me so I knew I needed to do something about it. Even on Gousto’s site it says: “Gousto gives you back some ‘you time’, enabling you to enjoy one of the oldest and most relaxing activities in the world as it was meant to be.” I love that!

So I checked out the website which was really simple to use. There was a nice little option of filtering out whether you wanted a vegetarian meal or non-veg meal. I think this will be particularly useful if I have my vegetarian friends over for dinner as I’m always a bit stumped as to what to make them.

All the ingredients are organic.

Where possible the meat and veg are from a farm in Lincolnshire so nice and guilt free too.

I had a look through all the meal options and picked out the Thai Pork Salad and the Posh Bunless Burgers (recent recipient of the Great Taste Award). There is free delivery which was an added bonus and I got to pick which day I wanted to receive my first delivery.

On the big day, I got a text from Gousto to inform me of when my box was going to be delivered. I was sent a link to track it with Yodel to ensure I’d be in when they arrived. There was even a link sent for a prize draw following delivery!

On opening my box I found all the ingredients for both meals. The meat was inside a wool chiller bag and had kept it nice and cold. Also inside were the recipe cards; one for each meal. On the reverse of these were a pictorial step by step of how to make the meal. The whole concept is totally fool proof!


The first meal we tried out was the Posh Bunless burgers.

The oven timings were the only thing we had to adjust slightly. This was to be expected as everyone’s cookers are different. The small packs of pre-measured ingredients made the process really simple. The potatoes for wedges were even included which I wasn’t expecting. You normally see these food subscription services require adding your own veg or salad. Not this one!

gousto bunless burger
Honestly, this was one of the best meals I have ever had. The chip/wedge things we made with rosemary on is something we’re going to recreate very soon. I could have just eaten a whole plate of those! The burger was absolutely amazing with a bit of embedded cheese in the middle. I would have never thought to make my own pesto to have on top. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have bothered to make a ketchup myself. My husband made this with ease and served it up in a used baby food jar! (I knew I was keeping them for something important!)

The following night we tried out the Thai Pork Salad.

I had high hopes after the previous night’s meal and as expected we were not at all disappointed! The ingredients provided us with a mountain of food to enjoy!

pork ingredients from gousto

Again I would never have thought to add peanuts to this meal but the crunch it gave really added an extra dimension to the textures of the food. I love that these recipes cards were getting us to try new things!

Him indoors got all fancy pants about how he was serving up all this posh food but when we got it served up on a plate it looked just as good. (NB. I have a current obsession with corn on the cob, this was my own addition)

Gousto thai pork salad

Obviously ThriftyBaby is still a bit too young to be trying these foods without me pureeing them (and that would have just felt so wrong) but it was cool to know that going forward Gousto is all really healthy, organic foods that I’ll feel safe serving him too. Having a look at the different box options they do bigger ones for families and you can even get boxes for families of five with four different recipes in which work out at only £3.75 a serving!

Picking our two recipe box for the two of us though was a conscious replacement for a meal out and a takeaway so I wouldn’t have minded spending a bit more than I would budget for a normal meal. However it actually worked out cheaper than the Chinese takeaway we had the previous week and a whole lot healthier too!

Overall I am very impressed with the Gousto box.

There’s no wonder they’ve been voted the No.1 Ingredients Delivery Service by the Guardian. I especially like it as I know I’m not getting tied into anything! There no pressure to order weekly, I can suspend it for as long as I want or cancel whenever and just use it for one-off special occasions. I don’t need to think up new meal ideas, don’t have to go to the supermarket and don’t even need to measure out the ingredients when it’s time to cook!

Thing is, I’ve already taken a look at this week’s recipes and can’t wait to try them. I just read that if you’ve got an active subscription but haven’t chosen which meals you want to receive they’ll just prepare the most popular ones to send to you! This gives me a real conflict. On one hand I love surprises but I’m also a control freak. I might need him indoors to pick for me then I get the best of both worlds?

AND as if good quality locally sourced food wasn’t enough, Gousto are allowing me to share with you a fabulous offer! Just click on the offer here:

Let me know if you’ve tried Gousto out for yourself. What did you think?

Hollie x


*Please note that I received this box free of charge in exchange for my honest review of this product.