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how to guide tree of life breastfeeding selfie titleHave you seen these beautiful images and wondered how to create your own Tree of Life Breast Feeding Selfie?

I only have the one pic of me breastfeeding ThriftyBaby so don’t have any options of which one to use! I didn’t find feeding him easy and my mental health had to come first but we managed his first month in our family so at least I gave him the good stuff and I’m pleased about that.

Here’s my simple guide with pictures of how to create your own.

  1. Download the PicsArt app for free from the App Store or the Play Store.
  2. Open the app and click on the “+” symbol to add your chosen breastfeeding photo then click on “Edit”.breastfeeding picture
  3. Open a search engine and find a free picture of a tree you like. The search term I used was “Free Transparent Tree with roots”.
  4. Back in the app, in the edit options along the bottom of the app click on “Add photo” (second option along) to add the tree to your picture.
    breastfeeding with tree and roots
  5. You can increase or decrease the size of the tree and crop it so it looks right on your Tree of Life Breast Feeding Selfie.
  6. Click on “Blend” (second option from the left) and choose “Overlay” for transparent trees or “Darken” for tree pics which have a background.
  7. Click on “Apply” in the menu at the top of the app.
  8. Click on “Magic” where you get a choice of effects (I chose midnight as this seemed apt).
  9. Click “Apply”.
  10. Click “Save” and ta-da, you now have your very own Tree of Life Breast Feeding Selfie.tree of life breastfeeding picThis isn’t something I would normally share, however I do think it looks rather lush and I was inspired by a number of other parent bloggers after seeing the pics they’ve been creating throughout the night. If you make one too feel free to share it on the Facebook page too.

Hollie x


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