This post is 100% inspired by my lovely Instagram followers who always comment on the array of vintage toys for toddlers that we have displayed on our Ikea Kallax in the background of many of my pictures such as this one about Ted turning 6 months.

Most of the toys we own for the boys have been thoughtfully gifted. Most people who know me, know that I started off my parenting life denying I will ever own a house full of colourful plastic. Well that didn’t last! After I saw how much fun they brought to my children…and how quiet it kept them (!) I gave in Hahaha! However, I still love the timeless beauty of vintage toys. they effortlessly “lift” a plain room to one which looks filled with happiness. They stand proudly on display but are very much there to be played with too.

Aswell as gifts, our vintage toy collection is made up of brilliant finds from charity shops, vintage shops, carboot sales and eBay. However if you don’t have the time to scour for them, here’s my round up of my favourite vintage toys for toddlers which you can purchase online.

  1. The classic Spinning Top.vintage toys for toddlers

  2. Little Snoopy Pull Along Dog.vintage toys for toddlers

  3. Chatter Telephone.vintage toys for toddlers

  4. Ferris Wheel Music Toy.vintage toys for toddlers

  5. Brio Railway Beginners Train Set. 

  6. Wooden Mobile Phone.vintage toys for toddlers

  7. Wooden Camera.vintage toys for toddlers

  8. LadyBird Book of ABCvintage toys for toddlers

  9. See and Say Farmer Says Toyvintage toys for toddlers

  10. Fisher-Price Cash Registervintage toys for toddlers

I love them all and I truly believe that by purchasing quality toys, you’ll save money in the long run. Most of them don’t even require batteries. This saves you even more money during the life of the toy. I’m sure these toys also retain their value better than cheap plastic toys so you can always factor in the resale value.

If you’ve spotted Miffy on the shelf, you can read our review here.

Are there any classic vintage style toys for toddlers that you would add to this list of favourites?

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