wicked uncleI’ve been there myself, feeling utterly clueless what to buy my friends kids when all I haven’t the foggiest what they’re into these days. That’s why I’m excited to share with you the amazing site Wicked Uncle.

Simplify your shopping this Christmas

Wicked Uncle simplifies the whole present buying process and really does make it as simple as you need it to be. Once on their homepage you can pick gender and age of the child you’re looking to buy for. That really is all the information you require. From this page you’ll find out what gifts are popular for children those ages and then you can start to look at budget.

wicked uncleAs parents of baby and toddler ages children, we’ve found it difficult to know what to buy for our friends’ school age children. Trends change so quickly! I made the mistake of asking a friend what her daughter would like and that ended up with me on a wild goose chase trying to track down this allusive item. It also doubled what i would have normally spent on her! Thankfully we’ve been able to try out Wicked Uncle for ourselves in time for buying for the other children we know.

The key to it all is their research

I’ve found there is a general feel that boys are harder to buy for than girls. If you’re feeling the same way then Wicked Uncle will really help you out. They conduct research for each age group and categorise them into specific interests e.g. creative kids, outdoorsy kids (that’s if you know!) but not to worry if you don’t. Just pick the most popular and you’re bound to be a hit come Christmas day.

wicked uncle

Even if you do know what the children are in to this Christmas, it can be hard to know what to get as stocking fillers. By changing the order to lowest to highest price, you can pick up lots of little pocket money value gifts for their stockings.


Delivery for me was quicker than planned and our purchases arrived in a nice strong box. In fact strong enough to take a two year old easily! The only thing to note is the sticker on the outside does indicate that it has children’s presents inside. So if you have reading age children, you might want to keep an eye out for the postie. Catch the box before they notice what’s been delivered!

wicked uncle

I’m really impressed with the range of gifts available and the quality of toys which arrived. I won’t share a photo of the presents for fear of spoiling a few surprises. Suffice to say though that I’ll be returning to Wicked Uncle again for those hard to buy for kids! I’ll definitely be recommending them to my brother. He’ll quickly make wicked uncle status shopping here.

*Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.