When you’re a parent, you are often making a decision between working and staying at home with your children. It’s a real tug of love – you didn’t have children only to leave them for a nursery to look after, but you also can’t not work because if you don’t work, you can’t afford to raise the kids. It’s a horrible conundrum to go through, but it’s also one that can lead a lot of mothers to one conclusion: starting their own business. When you’re pregnant and on maternity leave, you have to consider what comes next and this can often mean you get your creative thinking going and you choose to start out on your own. It’s a leap of faith, but if you’ve just managed to have a child and you’re running on empty, you can take that leap and get out of your comfort zone. Maternity leave is a great opportunity to try something new without as much risk.

Not only will you have to think about whether the risks are worth it for your family, you have to consider whether starting a business will be for you going forward. This isn’t something that you should ever do on a whim; it takes a lot for you to get out there and start something that’ll last. If the idea of a new business excites you, you could be starting something incredible that your whole family will benefit from. Other than the children, you need to think about why you should go for this as it’s a big step for you. Basically, you need to think about whether you WANT to run a business, because if you don’t, you shouldn’t go for it just because you had a baby. So, as a parent who is trying to make some money, I’ve got ten great reasons you should take the leap and start a business that makes sense for you.

  • You’ll Feel Motivated. Even when you are working alone from a home office, you can feel motivated to succeed. When you work for other people, it can be really hard to find the va-va-voom to keep going every single day to do the best possible work. It can be overwhelming to run a business by yourself, and even if you outsource customer service to other parents who can run a live chat for a website, you will still feel as if you are fighting for something. The children that you have can motivate you to feel like a better person, and this will fuel you to do well because you want to do well for them, too. You should also remember that you are still a person with dreams, and if you’ve put off starting your own business, now is the time!
  • Following A Dream. As I said, starting your own business when you’ve had a baby gives you the time to strive to do something in which you’re passionate about. So many entrepreneurs start their own business so that they can follow their dreams and truly fulfil their passion. This is you! You can start out on your own in the spare room, creating blankets or using skills you had before you got pregnant to consult with other businesses. You can take this dream and run it on your own terms, giving you the chance to look after your kids and work on your time, too. You get to shape this business into one that looks exactly the way that you want it to look without the input of other people.
  • Support Where You Like. If you have strong opinions about social justice, then setting up your own business while your kids are babies is the thing that you must do. Why? Well, being an entrepreneur is going to put you in the right position toward social gain. You can support charities, the community – basically anyone that you like with your business profits. You can even take inspiration from your own community to set up a business that benefits the local area. Not only will you be able to give back, you can create a community for your children to grow up in, and that can help you with the motivation, too. If you know that you can do better when you are an entrepreneur, then you will be better equipped to go for it.
  • Financial Independence. The one worry of parents everywhere is not having enough money to feed, clothe and raise their children properly. When you take on the chance for your own business, you are committing to financial comfort, which is going to help you to remain secure. While it’s going to take time and money to get your business off the ground, the return on the investment that you put into yourself is going to make a big difference to your finances in the future. You will experience lean times as you begin your business, but as you start to gain momentum and achieve something amazing, you will watch the money situation change and feel the security of your family’s future. Your finances will benefit massively when you start your own business, it just may take time to get there.
  • You Are In Control. Before having kids, there is every chance that you have spent years in the corporate world. This can lead to you feeling much better about the future ahead of you on your own track. You’ll be in control of whether you automate, whether you outsource and whether you choose to invest in a good live chat for websites while you’re working. You can choose to work from home, you can schedule meetings around the kids and you can ensure that you are getting the job done and building something great. Don’t be afraid to take control here – you can bet that you will be a rising star when you are determined to make it happen.

  • Starting Over. Have you spent years in the rat race? Working for other people and earning money based on someone else’s opinion of you? Now, you get to have your business under your rules. You can work to your own procedures and standards, and you can avoid the whole corporate culture that got you angry at the business world in the first place. Now, you can offer a service or a product that other people actually want based on your personal knowledge of the industry you’re in. You can make sure that people under you are paid fairly. It all works out better when you start from scratch!
  • Tax Benefits. If you’re starting a business, you’re going to take time to turn the first profit and you’re going to be able to take advantage of the tax benefit on offer to you as an entrepreneur. There are some impressive tax benefits of being a business owner, and once you look into them, you’ll see why yourself!
  • Security. One of the biggest motivators of running your own business is your security. You can keep hold of job security and stop climbing the corporate ladder. You never know whether you will be promoted because you are already at the top of the company. No one is going to fire you, because you are going to be the person in control of that for everyone else. These are some of the biggest decisions that you can make in a business, and nothing is beyond your control. It’s your company, you baby, and you are in control!
  • Growing Your Knowledge. When you start your own business, you will be able to grow your expertise and be excellent at a wide range of skills. You will learn to be the boss, the HR manager, the payroll guy – you will be everything to everyone, and your business allows you to grow your skills and attend training seminars to ensure that you stay knowledgeable in your arena.
  • A Chance For Creativity. Lastly, this is your chance to shine! You get to step into the spotlight and show off a little about what you can do. So what, you’re a parent – this doesn’t mean that your dreams and passions change! You get to be the influence you want for your children, and this is incredible. Every day will bring new challenges, and your children do the same. Be creative and make sure that you build something you feel proud of!


Starting your own business is never going to be easy, and it’s going to be even harder when you jump out of a secure place and into one of uncertainty. All you really need, though, is a great mentor to help you to get through those weird early days where you panic about what you’ve done and how to keep you on the right track. Most parents who want to strike out alone will keep their job until they build their business enough, but there is nothing stopping you from taking the leap of faith and just doing it. You can still remain a thrifty parent until you know you can loosen the purse strings a little. This business could be the making of you as a person, and you can still be there for your kids, too.