Bringing a new product to market can be an incredibly complicated process. Understanding how you will reach your target audience when you release the product, how you will build hype for this product. They all matter. The platform you might choose to host your online ecommerce store are all important decisions. Deciding between things like woocommerce vs shopify can be difficult. Therefore, I am going to give you some tips on how to bring a new product to market.

Your Demographic

Understanding how your audience buys is just as important as understanding what your audience buys. How your demographic interacts with their purchasing platform of choice should mould how you create your platform. When bringing a new product to market think about how it will look for your audience. Most people shop online these days, so consider how your item will look through an ecommerce website.

It needs to stand out online, it can be easy to just throw it on your ecommerce store without a second thought, but the best product launches tell a story. They build a story that their audience will love and want to know the end of. Creating an enticing mystery for your product will keep your customers engaged with your product well before it hits the physical or virtual shelves. A comprehensive understanding of what your customers want and how you can lure them to your product before its been launched can make or break a new product release.

Focus Groups

Having a plan that feels right is all well and good but often you will need the data to back it up. Conducting focus groups is a great way to gauge customer interest on a product before you sink the money into creating marketing material for this new product. Focus group testing of products is critical to make sure you create something that the market loves. It can help you set up your ecommerce site effectively, reducing the amount of wasted ad budget on a site that doesn’t meet users needs. This is especially important if this is a product that does not have something similar on the market that your demographic can immediately understand through the older product.

Online surveys can also be incredibly useful at gauging customer interest. Create an easy way for customers to try out your products and provide feedback. Social media can be a great tool to find willing participants for a product you are planning on releasing. Figuring out what kind of demographic would be interested in your product through social media can speed up the process of finding willing participants.

Your Website

Building momentum for a new product to market starts at your website. Creating enticing landing pages for your product on release will help bring customers to your wider product base and generate interest in your product. Making sure you promote your new product on your home page alongside your landing pages is critical to creating a cohesive marketing effort for those that end up on your website.

Making sure that everyone who visits your site is aware of your new product should be a focus as well. Often, many companies find it useful to create a contrasting bar of colour to highlight new products on their homepage but also like to further promote their product with other marketing methods. Some create videos and articles about the product as additional promotional material to link to their website, getting users excited for what the product will like and what it will provide for them.

In conclusion, making sure you have a unified digital marketing campaign that is well researched will net you the best results when you are creating a new product for market. Understanding what your audience wants and connecting with them via social media can provide to be an invaluable way to calibrate your release and product to your market’s needs.