ways to make money from a general electionThis year I’ve already made nearly £300 just from two election days! With talk over a possible snap general election, here’s my top 3 ways to make money from a general election. Get ready now, so you can make some money from this event!

1. Poll Clerking

This is normally only an occasional event so not a reliable income but some years like this one, you get a local, parish , European AND a possible general election! Which means ££££ for us side hustlers!

What’s involved?

A poll clerk is responsible for setting up and manning a polling station where voters attend to place their vote. All you need to do is meet and greet voters, mark their attendance down, give them a voting slip and ensure that they put it straight into the ballot box. All whilst ensuring that each voter gets the privacy they’re entitled to.

The days are long though, so its not for everyone and you’re not able to leave the polling station so a packed lunch and lots of snacks are required. Most polling stations are located in parish offices or church halls though so would normally have kitchenette facilities. The key thing is that you don’t leave your colleagues on their own. An excellent thing is that you don’t even need to know anything about politics to do this job because you shouldn’t discuss any political preferences anyway in a polling station!

How do I apply?

You can apply to work as a poll clerk as long as you are:

  • Over 18 yrs
  • Able to read and write
  • On the electoral roll
  • Not a member of any political party.

You can register to vote here if you’re not already on the electoral roll. And don’t worry, even if you’re poll clerking at somewhere other than your local polling station, you can still place your vote with a special exemption form.

You need to contact your local council’s Electoral Services department and register your details for any upcoming election work. There might be a small amount of training but this is also paid. You can find your local Electoral Registration Office here.

make money from a general election

2. Vote Counting

This tends to be even better paid than poll clerking. The hours are shorter and start late in an evening. So if you have children and someone to watch them overnight, then this is a perfect side hustle for working parents.

What’s involved?

The vote count shifts start around 9pm where you get prepared for all the votes to start coming in. The poll clerk supervisors bring these to the centres where the counts take place. These tends to be large sports halls or leisure centres.

At the vote count centres, you’ll work in pairs and be given bundles of votes. These are then laid out on a template and you count how many votes there are for each person on each ballot. Its really simple and you’re provided with all the stationery you need. Technical maths is not required! Also because you work in small bundles, there’s no risk of losing out of really big numbers!

Occasionally you’ll come across a spoiled ballot. This is one that hasn’t been marker properly. These are counted separately by a supervisor called a presiding officer. (These are paid EVEN MORE money but you have to be experienced in the count first to get these positions).

Sometimes political candidates will walk around and watch you count. If you’re not comfortable with this or if they ask any questions, you just let your presiding officer know and they sort any issues.

Sometimes media will be present to capture any announcements. These tend to be in the early hours, around 3am but the timings all depend on the type of election taking place.

How do I apply?

In exactly the same way as you would for a poll clerking job so see above!

3. Film it

You’ll have seen news items just like this one which voters an election announcement and then includes footage of the reactions of votes in pubs for example.

What’s involved?

News companies can’t send a cameraman to film everywhere and sometimes there are unexpected moments in an election which anyone might capture just on their mobile phones.

How do I apply?

If you manage to film anything interesting, you can sell the footage through apps like Newsflare. They act as an agent and advertise your short films and pay you if they get a buyer. Sometimes you can sell it multiple times over! Which means ££ but you have to be quick. Time is of the essence with these opportunities.

Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.

3 Ways To Make Money From A General Election