Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a message saying that you just won a trip to Maui for you and your partner? Or maybe a mountain bike? Or a lifetime supply of your favorite chocolate bar?

The draws and sweepstakes with which we are bombarded daily in the news, television, stores and even in our mail are real! Of all the lottery that happens there is always a winner. Do you want to be the next to show off a juicy prize? Well, first you need to know how to win a lottery.

There are people in the world who have made winning a sport, for fun, for the excitement of knowing how to win or for future plans that you may have with the reward; winning a contest can give you an injection of confidence in yourself and personal satisfaction. And who doesn’t like to be given things? Travel, cars and tech are among the most coveted prizes.

What would be your ideal prize?

What is the trick to winning contests? Is there a method to win all the draws in which you participate?  Surely more than once you have asked yourself these questions and many others and you have dreamed of having the answer. The answer that will bring you many coveted prizes and joy is one sought by many.

Many call it a “stroke of luck,” others cover it under “chance,” others believe in miracles and others have a secret.

In a survey conducted recently, we get four main rules to winning:

1.Make sure the deal isn’t fake

This is the most important rule. If you come across a survey and it is so easy to win that it just seems too good to be true, well then it probably is! You should make sure to check the authenticity before entering any contest or giveaway. In this digital era, determining whether a contest is fake or real is easy enough so be smart about it. If you want an example of a trustworthy site for giveaways, you should definitely check out WalgreensListens. It is a site that provides its customers with prizes such as coupons and gift cards.

2.Get free things on your birthday

You may not have noticed, but many of these establishments offer incentives to consumers who are celebrating their birthday.

Here are some brands that have a gift to give you if it’s your birthday:

  • Yves Rocher – If you are a member, every year on the eve of your birthday you will receive a congratulation to your home with exclusive discounts and a gift. All you need to do is pay a visit to any of their establishments.
  • Ikea – The Swedish chain will give you a menu of the day if you celebrate with them that particular day.
  • Starbucks – If you visit any of their establishments on the same day that you turn years, you will have a free coffee.

3.Write reviews

Sometimes, companies offer gifts to users who write opinions about their products or services. An excellent example of this is The Insiders. This site is based on the traditional word of mouth advertising and allows consumers to try products for free in exchange for their opinion about them.

Thus, users will have access to a multitude of products (food, toiletries, beverages and much more) and will be able to enjoy them without paying a single penny.

4.Be nice with an establishment

A little kindness goes a long way.

It is easy:

It may be enough for you to write them an email reminding them how much you like their products so that they send you free things.

You won’t lose anything for trying, right?

We hope that this has been useful for you guys and wish you luck!