best places to sell children's clothingThere’s loads of money to be made from children’s clothing simply because they grew so quickly! Quite often you only get a few wears out of some times, baby clothes in particular. Picking up children’s clothing from charity shops to sell on is another great way to make money. So here are my best places to sell children’s clothing.

Table top sales

Often held in school or church halls, table top sales can be great for earning back what you spent on children’s clothes. Read my review of Table Tots here for details of where to find them.

table tots sale room


PreLoved is often thought to be better that Ebay just because all adverts are free. There’s no commission taken so all the profit is for you to keep. However, PreLoved make their money from sharing youtube videos and advertising so if you want to avoid these you can upgrade your membership. See below.


Still a great source of money making, Ebay is a great way to reach the widest audience, however the fees and postage costs can sometimes be off-putting. This can be resolved by selling bundles for certain age groups. A way to save money on postage is to use a company like Shiply. See here for my review of their service.

Facebook Groups

These groups for second hand children’s clothing are perfect for slightly higher end brands than supermarket clothes. Just search for the brand you have plus “preloved” and you’re good to go. Note that often you have to write on a piece of paper the price you’re asking for and the date before you upload photos of your items into these types of groups. So do this first to save yourself some frustration!

Carboot Sales

Here’s why I love both buying AND selling at a carbon!

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best places to sell children's clothing