make money from selling your storyYou know the line “Everyone has a book in them and that, in most cases is where it should stay…” I often think of this when the glossy magazines near a check-out catch my eye! Some of the headlines are horrific!

However, you don’t need to have gotten pregnant by a goat or have any other less extreme but equally grim story laid bare across those colourful newsstands. There are plenty of media outlets who are willing to pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) for your real life stories.

Fiona from Savvy In Somerset made £200 from Pick Me Up magazine

make money selling your storyFee just spotted a shout out on Facebook for interesting health stories.

When she was in her early twenties she had a massive blood clot and subsequently needed one of her ribs removing, which she still has in a jar at home!

She got paid £200 for her story and the whole process only took a couple of hours of her time!

Ricky from SkintDad made £250 from Take-A-Break magazine

make money selling your story

Ricky sold his ‘Surviving on the Breadline’ story to Take a Break magazine.

It was back in 2014; not that long after he’d launched Skint

He says: If I remember rightly we were paid £250. We had to send a few photos in and they interviewed me on the phone.

Emma from Mums Savvy Savings made £250 from Daily Mail Online

make money from selling your story

Emma has sold lots of stories but this one was about buying a dodgy prom dress from China off a dodgy site for her daughter Chloe.

She says: That story went mental and was picked up by lots of other publications afterwards. Chloe even got sent loads of free dresses by everyone who felt sorry for her!

It really is such an easy money maker so here are my top tips for getting your story sold for as much money as possible.

  1. Join a Facebook run by journalists: There’s plenty of them but I highly recommend one called Feature Me! UK The ladies who run it work across a number of publications. Always say up front what their budget is to pay you and most importantly, they send you a copy of the piece for your to proof read before it is published. This means you’ll never be misquoted or panic that they’ve spelt your business name incorrectly etc.
  2. Follow the typical glossy magazines on Facebook such as Chat, Pick me Up, Woman andTake a Break. They regularly post  requests for specific types of stories.
  3. Decent journalists will provide hair, make up and a stylist so you don’t have to worry about having great photos until they send their own photographer. But, if you do have your own photos you can use these to pitch to lots of magazines.
  4. Consider an agent. If you know you have a compelling story, it might be worth getting an agent. They can take your story to a number of publications on your behalf and get you the best fee by negotiating for you.
  5. It doesn’t need to be a full story! There are normally letters, hacks and tips or just comments sections in women’s weekly magazines that will pay £50-£100 or there’s a prize for the best one. Check these out for quick wins.

make money from selling your story