Just like lots of other bloggers, I started ThriftyMum as something to help others. I’d just begun maternity leave with my eldest son James and he was a wonderful baby who slept through from 7 weeks. (please don’t hate me!) But not only was this amazing for my own sleep routine but it meant I had evenings as well as afternoon naptimes to do my own thing.

This unexpected revelation was actually the thing which kept me sane that year. Having something of my own ensured that I felt like I was more than just a mum but also helped me feel I was still contributing to our household income and too the pressure off my then husband.

It wasn’t until a few months in when I started to get brands contact me with potential sponsored work. However, the fear of being self-employed and having to navigate registering with HMRC and doing my own tax return was daunting to the point of offputting. I left it six months, with an increasing number of companies wanting to collaborate and finally took the plunge. Within a few weeks of accepting work, I went from charging £50 for one blog post to charging £2000 for a review of a day out. That was all within the first nine months of my maternity leave and I couldn’t believe how easy it all felt. I put this down to writing about something I’m passionate about though.

In the following four years, I have pitched only twice to brands, this is because I’ve been fortunate for work to flow my way. I put this down to really owning my niche as a family finance blogger. Making sure I pair this with great search engine optimisation, so if someone is looking for a thrifty blogger, especially in Yorkshire, they’ll find me at the top of their list.

monetise your blog

Where are we now

Fast forward to today when I’m a single parent with a mortgage, two children, and no-one else contributing to us financially, I have been looking at more ways to monetise my blog to increase my household income. One of the ways I have done this is through a platform called Intellifluence.

Intellifluence is a website that matches bloggers with brands. All you have to do is sign up and look out for the list of opportunities available. There will be set criteria that you may need to meet first but it’s a clear list to check your eligibility. It also clearly says the budget for the brand has to offer and this makes it really nice and easy to see if it’s worth your time getting engaged in conversation. Sometimes brands will provide the content and other times you’ll need to write an original post

Influencer marketing is growing year on year and the demand for more, fresh blogs in there and setting up a blog has never been easier or cheaper!

You can sign up to Intellifluence here and start to make money from your blog straight away.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.