work from homeI know everyone that is reading this at the moment has probably thought: “How can I make money from the comfort of my home?” And trust me I know how you feel. I’ve been there and I am always searching for new creative ways to make money while still being at my own house. After looking at pretty much every site possible for the past couple of years, I ended with a top list of some very fun ideas that can help me make some extra cash. Why fun, you ask?  Because if it is not fun and interesting, it is not worth your time. So, if you feel the same way, here are some of my top ideas to help you earn some cash easily.

  1. Online casino games

I know when you are reading this you are thinking “Is this woman crazy? She wants us to gamble?” I know this is probably not the ideal way to earn extra money, but it is definitely worth trying. Gambling is incredibly fun and entertaining, and if you like the games and actually understand them, you can also earn a decent amount of money. I prefer spending my time on these kinds of sites, UK casino games being one example, because it doesn’t feel like work – it feels like you are just playing games like the ones you play on Xbox, Nintendo and many other consoles. Also, a lot of college students have managed to turn playing casino games into a side job, so why not try it yourself?

  1. Review websites and apps for cash

This is super fun, at least for me since I am a blogger and have my own site. I really enjoy discovering new websites and especially apps that I haven’t heard about before. I used to do this just for fun, looking up different kinds of pages online, checking out the new apps that have been released and writing reviews on their sites for free. But ever since things changed and I started doing reviews for a solid profit, I can tell you from personal experience that reviewing is a really good job, and you should try it out.

  1. Write and publish a Kindle book

I know that this is a real time-consuming job since you actually have to write a whole book. But in my opinion, if you really like and enjoy writing essays, and of course you are good at it, you should definitely try writing a full book. It is easier than you think it also is a very creative process which will allow your brain to develop even further and think outside of the box. And who knows, maybe you were destined to become a famous author.  Having self published in the past, I feel like more people should do it. And if everyone would share their opinions and thoughts, we can combine them and create something truly magical.

Well, these job ideas seem great to me, but they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So I hope you give them a try and share your feedback with the rest of us. Good Luck!